Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 27

Well nothing really new... as per usual. Patrick's leave should be coming up in about another month or so, give or take a week or whatnot (no specifics... you know). So that's exciting. We haven't decided what we're going to do for it. I have a feeling it'll be a last minute decision. I do know it will be filled with lots of travelling, for family visits and for fun.

Over in Iraq he is still working on his black belt. His aero garden is done growing its herbs and he has put in the cherry tomato and pepper plants. They appear to be doing very well in his office. He has bought himself a new camera and it just arrived, so he took one final picture of his mustache (Lord knows how many weeks it was growing for, but it was gross) and so he shaved it! I was promised to be sent the picture soon, at which time I will post it here so we can all have a good laugh.

Jack and Win are good, causing typical doggie trouble, but still as cute and sweet as ever. And as if on cue, Winston just gave me a good, loud snort, ha!

That's all for now... 25 weeks to go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well it's officially half way through one year. 26 weeks have passed. There are 26 left. (Hopefully less, but we try to not get our hopes up). Nothing terribly crazy has happened. Looks like Patrick's leave will be coming up very soon! And each day that passes it seems more and more certain that he will be home (for good) early! Sorry I don't have anything more exciting to report. That's all for now...!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 25

I apologize in advance, this is gonna be a short one. It was a long night at work and I'm sleepy! Everyone is doing well... Patrick may be home even sooner then we thought, his dates keep getting pushed up. And it looks like he'll be home for leave sometime very soon! Other then that, nothing too crazy going on.
Here are some pictures of Jack I took this week...

always giving the kisses :)

25 down, 27 to go!

Monday, July 6, 2009

the boys

Just some cute pics I took of Jack and Winston when I got home from Spain! They missed me so much!!

Jack getting ready to attack me with kisses

Winnie wanting to snuggle but not wanting to share the pillow!

Week 24

Another week down... and as I write this Winston is asleep with his head on my hand... haha I love our boys!

Anyways... nothing new. No black belt yet (that I know of... but Pat tends to forget when exciting things happen that he can ACTUALLY tell me about...) The date he is scheduled to come home seems to keep getting pushed up. So that's good, I'm not complaining. Although, that does mean he most likely WON'T get his leave. Which kinda sucks because it would be nice to see him sooner rather then later. But if it means he comes home early, then I'll take it.

Other then that, no new updates! Sorry nothing exciting... just 28 weeks left to go!!! Hooray!