Saturday, April 28, 2012

baby big bang

I have joked about how much we watch "The Big Bang Theory" since Gunnar loves the theme song so much.  But seriously, it's ridiculous.  He can be screaming, and if he hears the song start, at first he gets silent, and then pure joy.  Don't believe me?  Check it out for yourself:
I know it's hard to hear the song over the jumping, but swear it's playing the whole time.  Hysterical.

Also, perhaps we should spend less time in front of the tv... eh, I'll deal with that when he's old enough to realize what he's watching.

Friday, April 20, 2012

7 months

Well, our little man is officially on the back half of his first year of life.  Hard to believe.  He is turning into such a little person, I can't even stand it.  I want to have the flip on 24/7.  He had his 6 month (more like 6.5 month) check up a few weeks ago and he continues to be "off the charts" for height... coming in around a cool 30 inches.  Y'all, that's 2 and a half feet.  Crazy!  Mr. Chunk Thighs is also in the 75th percentile for weight, just under 20 lbs.  I see a convertible car seat in our near future.  No way he is fitting in his rear facing infant seat for two years.  Seriously pediatricians?  How is that possible?

He is as close to crawling as it gets.  He's mastered "the scoot" and usually gets some air under him while he does it.  He loves to rock back and forth on his hands and knees so it's just a matter of time before he figures out he can move faster that way. 

He still has just the two teeth, and I thought I would be super sad when his gummy smile would be gone forever, but let me tell you... his smile is cuter than ever.
I'm so glad he isn't currently cutting anymore teeth.  He is so much happier, which means momma is much happier.
(here's a close up in case you missed it...)

These days Guns has turned into a regular chatterbox.  His favorite thing to say is "ah-ba-ba".  Who knows what that means, but it's freaking adorable.  And, I swear he says "ma" when he cries...

He's still in love with his jumperoo, as you can see.  Sometimes I think he's going to jump right out of it!  last night he ripped down the canopy with the little Eeyore and Piglet toys.  He was beyond proud of himself.  And he was laughing hysterically to boot.

This month, Guns also went for his very first bike ride.  He was very excited!  Although I think we oved his Spiderman helmet more than he did...  We went from our house to the front of the island and back.  It was about 5 miles.  Yea, he passed out.

And now for your viewing pleasure, some beach bum pictures:

7 months down, and getting cuter by the minute.  Love this kid.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

goings on

I apologize for the lack of posts here recently, so let me catch you up...

We've been spending a lot of time at the beach, eating the sand and playing in the water, and most definitely taking naps with the waves crashing in the background:

We tried a swing for the very first time, and loved it (this kid loves being airborne so much that I fear I might have an adrenaline junkie on my hands):

He has also been scooting around like a madman, and he will get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth.  Crawling is just days away:
He has also been sitting up like a champ!  I'm so proud of him:

And last but definitely not least on the list of things we've been up to is... Guns has cut not one, but two teeth this month.  Which means a whole lot.  Like, he isn't sleeping through the night anymore (he wakes up crying in pain - heartbreaking) and the drool literally never stops pouring from his mouth:

I cannot believe he is 4 days shy of 7 months old.  The time has absolutely flown by.  Forgive me for the cliche but college is right around the freaking corner...

mommy brain - 1

mommy - 0.

So here's a funny story.  Patrick and I spent all this time coordinating a trip down to Charleston to run in the Cooper River 10k.  Not only did we register and pay the fees, but we sort of trained for it too.  Since the race was on Saturday, we started the 5 hour trek south on Friday night, after Patrick got off work.  Not the best scenario, but he couldn't take off so it's what we had to work with.

Saturday morning rolls around, and our first alarm, set for 5:30, doesn't go off.  Or it does and one of us turns it off in our sleep... because next thing we know is that we are waking up to our back-up alarm at 6 am.  It was our plan to leave by  6:15.  Pat's reaction to this was "let's blow it off and stay in bed."  But after 8 minutes of going back and forth, we were out of bed and rushing around to get out the door.  No time to feed the baby, barely enough time to tie our shoes (I had to tie mine in the car).  And we were off, feeling better about ourselves for overcoming our laziness.

We arrive at our family friend's home where we are parking our car (about 100 yards from the starting line), we hop out and we are feeling energized, and are almost motivated enough to enjoy a warm-up jog.  We get to the corrals and are slightly overwhelmed so we ask a race official politely "Where do we check in?" and his response was "You don't". 

Upon closer examination, it turns out that race day registration for over 40,000 people is somewhat of a logistical nightmare.  Which makes sense.  Wish I had thought of that before race day though.  Apparently we were to have had our race packets mailed to us, or we were supposed to pick them up the day before at an auditorium in downtown Charleston.

I have no idea why I wouldn't have chosen to have our packets mailed knowing that we couldn't pick them up a day early.  Who knows where my brain was the day I registered.  It certainly wasn't in my head.  Thanks a lot, Gunnar, for stealing all of my common sense and reasoning capabilities.  You win.

But you're cute, so it's okay.