Wednesday, April 29, 2009

hello summer!

Well we have conveniently skipped Spring here in MD. It was Winter weather last week; 40 and rainy. And now this week it's summer; sunny and 90. Patrick said the weather has started getting a lot warmer over in Iraq too. Anyways... I took the boys for a walk around the 2.5 mile path at Kinder Park yesterday, and Jack was so funny. He got so hot that he would run to the next shady spot and immediately lay down. I kept pouring water on him to cool him off, and we stopped and rested at every bench we came to. Here he is at our last stop... angry with mom for telling him "we're almost done!" about 20 times. Isn't he the cutest?!
And here is Winnie, in the spirit of the season, sporting my favorite O's hat! Isn't he the cutest?! Haha.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 14

Well this week I actually have some updates! Nothing crazy, but still it's something to write about. Well, I guess over in the sandbox they have built a new internet/phone center in the building where Patrick works. This means that he has better access to phones and computers and can call/write more often throughout the day. Very exciting for me. We got a chance to talk for about an hour the other day which was nice. We haven't really talked on the phone a lot since we got the webcams. But, Patrick can only use the webcam on his laptop in his can, so if his roommates are sleeping when he gets home, we can't talk. We just smile at each other! Hah. It's kinda funny, but I'd rather that then not being able to see him at all.

Here at home, Winston graduated from doggie school this week! We had our last class, where we played a game. The instructor had cards and she'd pick a card and the dog would have to do what was on the card. If he was successful, he'd get a point. If not it went on to the next dog. Winston was challenged 10 times, and ended up with 9 points! I couldn't believe it. He ended up winning, the next highest dog had 7 points, and Scout ended up with 6. Some of the other dogs got off easier then poor Scouty though. Anyways, he won a big rope toy that he loves, and we all got squeaky toys and Winnie brought home a present for Jack. All in all a pretty exciting day!

38 weeks an counting... more then a quarter of the way there!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 13

Well, still nothing exciting to report. I wish I had more to say... so I apologize for saying the same thing week after week. Patrick is good, busy, working hard, sleeping when he can. We talk when we can. I miss him. Nothing new.

Here at home, I'm struggling with Winston. He still likes to eat things. He has moved from inside walls, to outside walls and has gotten some of the siding off of the house. And he ate through the hose today and made a great fountain to play in. He's also started growling at every dog he passes on our walks. Not very convenient. He's doing well in class and graduation is next week! I can't believe it. The teacher thinks he needs private lessons because of how nervous he is around other dogs. Anyways... he and Jack bothed helped their Mimi paint the family room today. Winston's side is completely white with paint. From his nose, to his whiskers, his head, ears and chest, his rib cage, his back legs to his tail. It will take a while for that to come out. Jack has some on his butt too!

Only 39 weeks left!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week 12

Happy Easter everyone! Well it's been just about 3 months now... nothing terribly exciting going on. Patrick is still busy, I'm still busy. We talk when we can. We got to talk a little bit today on the video chat which was nice. He got a half day today to catch up on some much needed (and earned) sleep. He works so hard, and I'm so proud of him. It's been a rough few weeks over there. I keep myself updated by being on constantly. I feel like at least once a day there are reports of bombings in Baghdad. It's pretty scary, but Pat said it only takes something small to make the news. I guess it's a good thing that the small stuff makes the news, then I don't have to worry about missing anything. Keep praying for him, and everyone over there.

Here at home, the boys and I miss him more everyday. We didn't have doggie class this week because of the holiday, so Winnie got a little break. Although, we should be working extra hard to get it down for next week! We'll see how that goes... Jack is being a very good boy as usual! He's snuggling me as we speak...

That's all for now, sorry it's not very eventful, although I'm pretty thankful for that. 40 weeks and counting!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Week 11

Well, I have to be honest. The weeks seem to be flying by right now. I can't complain! I guess with me working 6 days a week, keeping busy is really helping. Thank goodness Patrick can email my phone and I can text back, or else we wouldn't be talking too much these days.

This weekend I went down to DC to spend sometime with Miss Maureen and all the girls. Mo is in town from Spain for just a week. She spent the weekend down in DC with us, and then went home to Pittsburgh to be with her family. It was so good to see her, especially since she left before Pat did, so I hadn't seen her in a while too! I took my computer and webcam with me, and Pat was able to take a half day, so we all got to video chat with Patrick Sunday morning! Pat was excited to see all the girls, and we were all happy to talk with him. Until breakfast was ready and he was jealous of our delicious pancakes :)

The boys are good. They seem to be more snuggley then ever and are glued to me while I'm sleeping. They also get to talk to Patrick on the webcam. He'll talk to them, and Jack likes to sit in front of the computer staring at him, he sometimes kisses the computer. Winston starts looking all around for him, and cries. They made the trip to DC with me, and got to talk to him Sunday morning as well. Although, they were a little more vocal then Pat is used to hearing, and he was surprised at how much they bark now!

11 weeks down, only 41 to go...