Saturday, April 30, 2011

mister sharkbait

It's official... Jack and Winston will have a baby brother come September! But before we get to that part of the story, I'll start at the beginning...

Patrick is such a good Marine (I'm not a proud wife or anything...) that he was able to get all of his guys on flights out of California a week early (hooray!) and he was so busy doing so I didn't hear from him at all yesterday.  This morning at 7:30 I got a text that said he was on a plane!  And then I waited for several many hours.  The day crawled by. Finally sometime in the afternoon when I accepted that it would still be a while, and I laid down to take a nap, my phone immediately buzzed that they had landed.  I eventually made my way to base to pick him up, trying desperately hard to stay within the speed limit.

When the bus of marines finally arrived at the battalion, we shared a hello, a hug and a kiss, but then Mr. OIC had to go be in charge some more... Meanwhile the envelope sat half open in the car (we only got halfway after I tricked him and told him I forgot it).  I was shaking I was so excited.  He then called me over to where he was talking to his marines, in formation mind you, and I was instructed to bring the envelope with me.  Turns out  it had been the talk of the trip, and there were even multiple bets going on.  Odds were in favor of a girl...

Well we opened it together, in front of all the marines.  And there it was, 3 pictures of our little boy and his business staring right in our faces!  We then had to break the news to the bet losers, who were a majority.  I should mention that everyone thought it was a girl because there is a 'radio battalion curse' that all the guys who work for that unit only have girls.  They think it has something to do with the radio waves and other technical whatnot.  Looks like we broke the curse :)

Needless to say we are very excited and can't wait to plan even more now!  No names as of yet, but there is a list going... We are all so happy to have Patrick back home. Check out the greeting that he got from the pups:

I love how Jack has him by the neck. And how Winston is fully in his lap.  Love, love, love.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

pregasaurus rex

Well, halfway done now... and I've finally gotten my first, official, weird pregnancy craving.  So far I've 'craved' foods, but not to the point where I won't be satisfied if I don't get it (ok... maybe with Chipotle).  And all the foods I've 'craved' have been foods I would be eating anyways, like fruit.  Not so out there.  Except for pickles. I usually hate pickles, but now I'll have one every now and then.  But that sounds so cliche.

So on to my real craving... horseradish.  Weird, right?  Never in my life have I ever thought to myself "Hm, this cold use some more horseradish".  But all of a sudden that's exactly what I've been thinking.  I've added it to anything that makes sense, not like ice cream or chocolate or anything.  Just sandwiches really... which isn't bizarre, at least I don't think.

Anyways, the rest of week 20 is going smoothly.  Other then the fact that Patrick is still away.  Not too much longer though!  Then the posts will start to get exciting and we'll know more (fun) stuff about Sharkbait.  Plus maybe a picture or two...

In the meantime I'm keeping busy with these 2 lumps of love, who are so darn cute these days I truly cannot stand it...

Friday, April 22, 2011

remembering the good times

The thing about having a pet friend for 15 and a half years is that you have lots of memories to think of often.  Just wanted to tell you about a few of my favorites over the years.  You already know about the early slumber parties, but these are good too.  I'm trying to track down pictures of these as well as the aforementioned nights on the floor.

Buddy was known to burrow.  He would without a doubt bury himself in covers whenever he had the opportunity.  Even if he was on the floor without any, he would pull the ones you were using off the bed and wrap himself neatly up.  One Sunday morning we came home from church to find that Buddy must have burrowed in my laundry pile.  He was stuck in the middle of the hallway in the sleeve of one of my shirts!  We all got a good laugh, and we'll never for get the site of Buddy, our little "harp seal.  

He also burrowed into a pile of my Vera Bradley bags once, as you can see below...

Another fond memory was that of Buddy surfing.  He didn't like it much, but he did tolerate it.  We would put him on a boogie board in our pool and let him float around.  Sometimes he swam, but if it were up to him he wouldn't have gotten wet.

I know photos of these events exist and I promise to have them posted here... eventually.

Still missing you Bean.  Love always.

hug a hero

So after a tough few days, I received a special something in the mail.  I completely forgot I ordered it, which makes it even better.  I totally needed this too...

But first, before I tell you what it is... How cute is this paw action going on?

Anyways... It was a Daddy Doll!  I took a photo of Patrick the night he left for pre-deployment training and sent it in and they put it on a cute little doll for me Sharkbait.  It made me cry to see his smiling face and be able to hug it.  The doll is actually already covered in dog hair because I've had to sleep with it every night.  Oops.  Don't worry, Baby, I'll wash it before you get here.  The boys love it too... they give Dad lots of kisses :)

 We miss you Dad, come home soon!

silver maple waves

I picked out paint colors for my pseudo apartment at my parents house.  Very exciting things.  My bedroom will be Polished Silver.  The nursery will be Faint Maple.  And the bathroom will be Bay Waves.  I know people don't really care but I just love the names they come up with for paint colors.  Some favorites that I ran across today were Mark Twain House and A Winter In Paris.  They are Valspar paints, which I insisted on simply because I think they have a phenomenal marketing campaign.  

another angel

This week the Perkins family lost a very dear member.  Buddy, our miniature dachshund, left us for a better place.  Bean, as I affectionately called him, was 15 and a half years young.  He was so full of spirit and spunk right up until his last nap.  Even though he was old, he could still keep up with the young pups, and was often spotted playing with them.  Of course, that was when he wasn't partaking in his favorite past time -- napping.  He was without a doubt the most loving dog I have ever encountered.  The dog would lick your skin off he kissed so much.  I will so miss his kisses on my ankles, feet and toes while I'm sitting at the dinner table, on the sofa, or anywhere he could reach me.  Even if his breath was stinky.  

We got my Bean when he was just 8 weeks old.  A neighbor of ours had a dog that had puppies, and I immediately decided that I had to have this puppy.  And I was 9.  I got my way a glass of wine, and a couple kisses later.  You see, when our neighbor found out I wanted the puppy, she said "Bring your mom over, we'll give her a glass of wine and talk her into it."  My 4th grade self had no idea what that actually meant.  But that's what we did.  When the subject was broached with my father, he said "Ok, we can keep him if he gives me a kiss."  Sure enough, Buddy kissed him all over.  Maybe that's why he never stopped kissing.  He knew it was why he was part of our family.

Fifteen and a half short years later, he never changed.  Still just as loving, and still looking like the puppy he was from day 1.  And he still got into his fair share of trouble, just like a puppy would.  I loved how his ears always perked up and went way out to the side when he was very interested in something.  And I loved to watch him run.  Believe it or not, he still did.  He was a hard one to catch too!  It was so cute the way he would almost bounce down the driveway.

Buddy, you were more then a dog, you were a best friend.  I will always cherish all the moments we had together over the years.  Among my favorites were the first nights we had you, I don't even think you had a name yet.  But you were so tiny, Mom and Dad wouldn't let me sleep with you on my bed, so I put all my blankets on the floor so I could snuggle you.  You and your sweet face and big heart will be missed by all, but will never be forgotten.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories my old man.
Love you always and forever.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am so craving this little gem from Monte Design...
Anyone want to lend me a grand?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fishy, why are you sleeping?

So I apologize in advance if this post makes me come across a bit like a "Debbie Downer", but here goes...

Today was the big ultrasound day, and in all honesty it was pretty anticlimactic.  Sorry Sharkbait, I still love you.  Problem one was that I was sans husband, and that is never fun.  I did however successfully close my eyes (and cover them just in case I lost my self control) so that I didn't see any of "the goods".  The nurse was very confident she got the money shot and it is currently taking up home in a lovely business envelope.

Apparently Sharkbait was moving ALL over the place while my eyes were closed.  But when it came time for mom to check things out - complete and utter stillness.  In a non-cooperating position.  I saw nothing remotely baby-esque.  Quite disappointing.  We couldn't even get a profile shot of the face.  And what I did see of the face looked like a scary skeleton Halloween decoration.  Sorry again kid, you'll be cuter in a few months.  In fact all the pictures I got just look like blobs and I can't really tell what they are (hello, Rachel from Friends).

I will say that I did get to see Sharkbait wave at me.  That was really cool.  Then the hand covered it's face, and stayed there.  It's little legs were even crossed right in front of it's business, but that was after it's fate had already been discovered.  Auntie Carly said Sharkbait was just hiding because it didn't want to go home with Darla.  Watch Finding Nemo, you'll get it.  But in all seriousness it looks like we've got a stubborn one on our hands.  But really between me and Patrick, I wouldn't expect any different...

I kind of feel jipped because this was my one and only ultrasound.  I mean sure, Patrick and I can pay for another, but we are supposed to be saving our money, not spending it.  Hey all my friends out there who get ultrasounds at every appointment... how'd you talk your insurance company into that one?!  Jealous... 

Anyways, all the (hormonal) sad face feelings aside, the appointment did fill me in on the fact that everything is functioning properly, and it all looks normal and healthy.  I really couldn't ask for more!  The doctor even called Sharkbait's brain "beautiful".  I'm pretty proud of that one.

Check back sometime in May to see what's actually inside the envelope!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

baby's birthday

No, not Sharkbait.  My baby Winston!  Since we don't know his exact birthday, the vet estimated it was sometime in April (well that he was 3 months when we got him in July).  So Happy Birthday to Winnie!  He is 3 this month!  And such the love he is :)
In honor of my baby, here are a few of my favorite things about him (including but not limited to):

- He lays on his back with completely indecent posture.
- He loves "belly love".  He will roll over and paw at me until I rub his belly.  If I stop he looks at me like "what are you doing?!"  It makes me smile, especially when his leg twitches.
- The way he stretches every morning.  He jumps off the bed, and first bows in the front with his butt in the air, then lowers his back end and lays like a "frog dog" with back legs stretched out behind him.  Then my favorite part: he stretches his head back like cobra pose in yoga.
- How he thinks he's a lap dog even though he's 75 lbs... 
- How he digs for shells in the sand.  He will find one (there is only one kind he likes: whelk shells) and dig all the sand from around it until he can pick it up in his mouth.  One time he found one out on the beach and carried it all the way back home and it currently resides in our back yard.
- How he lounges on my couch pillows and smushes them down.  Ok so it's annoying, but he looks so darn cute doing it, how can I get mad?
- When he has an itch on his face, he lays on the ground and puts both of his giant paws over his eyes and rubs them along his snout.  Cutest. Thing. Ever. 
- He can curl up in the tiniest little ball.  And he usually tucks his paws in like a little lamb.
- He has to sleep on the pillows above my head every night (this is him when he was still a tiny puppy, I can't believe how small he was).  Most would find it annoying - having the weight of a 75 lbs dog crush your face in  the middle of the night while he readjusts... but to me it's comforting :)
- He clucks like a chicken instead of barking like a dog.
- He loves running in circles.
- His favorite toy is his pig that has a water bottle in it.  He carries it around everywhere with him.  I can say "Winnie, where's pig?" and he cocks his head and looks all concerned and then runs off to find him.
- He gives nose bumps instead of kisses.  He will sometimes kiss, but to show his love he bumps you with his nose.  Oh so sweet.
- He loves his brother Jack very much.  It is so adorable how they share their toys.  They walk around the room or the yard with one toy in both their mouths.
- He is very drooly, to the point of being comedic.
- When he snuggles, he really snuggles.  He has been known to spoon a time or two.
- He wags his tail so fast it wiggles his whole back half.  Don't get in the way though, that thing could be a weapon!
- Perhaps my most favorite of all is his Elvis impersonation.  It's a reaction he has to scratching a spot on his face.  His lip curls up on whatever side it is you're scratching.  Sometimes it's so exaggerated he opens his mouth wide and curls his tongue out too!  He ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

There are many many many more reasons why I love him oh so much, but I won't bore you.

He is one of the lights of my life, and I don't know what I'd do without my big bear of a pillow.  Bubba, Lump, Butt Butt, whatever other name I may call him... I love you Winstonian!

first craft show

I realized I posted pre-craft show and not post-craft show.  Well, it was a success!  I shared a table with my friend Mary (who makes gorgeous jewelry!) and we both made a profit, even after our entry fee.  We were both pleased as we weren't expecting to sell anything!  So here we are with our little set-up (ps check out the homemade banner):

Super cute right?!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

you don't choose your family...

... they are God's gift to you.  And so blessed are we that we have such a wonderful, thoughtful, giving and caring family!  Little Sharkbait has already been the recipient of so much love, and for that we are forever grateful.  So we just wanted to give some shoutouts where they were due, and because baby things are so cute...

Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kevin (and all 7 cousins) sent along this fun countdown calendar and an adorable puppy blankey (No, Winston, it's not a chew toy)
***They also sent Patrick a recordable storybook for his birthday.  The story is "Guess How Much I Love You" and I can't wait for him to get home and read it out loud the exact same way Sharkbait will hear it every night while Dad is off being a hero.***

 Grandma & Grandpa gave us our first little outfit (jammies!) and a super soft blanket

Aunt Christy and Aunt Jamie sent a cute ultrasound frame that can be personalized (right now it says "coming soon") and "The Belly Book" a tradition they are sharing with me (in which I immediately filled with info from the past 3 months)

Meanwhile, Mimi and Bepa are busy at their new house building an apartment for me and Sharkbait to move into when Patrick leaves, whenever that may be... We've already picked out paint colors!  Don't know what we'd do without them... and everyone else who loves us so much!  Thank you times infinity to everyone :)

Oh, and I can't forget all of the Wolfe St. Aunties who insisted couldn't resist rubbing my "belly" when they visited.  And our dear friend Ms. Eileen gave us a sweet (and authenticated) Peter Rabbit stuffie, plus the first funds towards Sharkbait's first piggy bank (which was won in a card game... and I am under strict instructions to only add to the piggy bank money that I win gambling... I am mother of the year already)

Disclaimer:  If I failed to mention your personal outpouring of love for us, I am sincerely sorry.  Pregnancy Brain is not a myth as I am coming to find out.  I am more and more frequently forgetting things, the scariest of these 'things' would be forgetting to finish my sentences.  So it is not that you are not loved, it is simply that I forgot you.  No offense.

4 months down...

5 months to go!

And so begins the 3rd countdown for my little blog here... the first of which being Patrick's 10 month deployment in 2009, the second being our wedding in July 2010, and of course this one is until Sharkbait's arrival.

As we are 24 short weeks away from parenthood... well at least I am.  Patrick will still have about 6 months to wait before he even meets the little one... I can't believe how fast it has already flown by.  I think that Patrick's impending departure is sort of a blessing in disguise.  While I'm sure most moms-to-be are counting down the days to not be fat anymore, I am finding myself wishing the days would slow down because I am not ready to have my husband leave.  Which of course is only making said days go faster.

At this point in time I have no real "belly shots" (sorry for those of you who may have been hoping).  But I did take a picture with Patrick the night he left for pre-deployment training so we could compare it to when he gets home in about a month or so.  I will post something when we have the comparison.

As far as an update, which most of you probably don't care about...
- I am somewhere between 16 and 17 weeks (the Dr's have given me conflicting reports)
- We are officially 10 days away from the next ultrasound which will tell us if we will have a blue or pink nursery (in actuality it won't REALLY be one of those colors, but at least we can buy coordinating accessories)
- We won't actually find out if it's a boy or girl until Patrick returns home as it is my plan to go to the ultrasound and not look and have the technician write it on a picture and stick it in an envelope for us to open together
- So far I haven't gained a single pound**... which I am very excited about... however I know that one morning, out of no where, I will wake up and roughly be the size of the moon

That's all for now... off to get myself another snack!

**Update... approximately a week after this post I have discovered my insatiable appetite so I guess I won't have to worry about that gaining no weight thing anymore.  Darn.