Saturday, April 9, 2011

baby's birthday

No, not Sharkbait.  My baby Winston!  Since we don't know his exact birthday, the vet estimated it was sometime in April (well that he was 3 months when we got him in July).  So Happy Birthday to Winnie!  He is 3 this month!  And such the love he is :)
In honor of my baby, here are a few of my favorite things about him (including but not limited to):

- He lays on his back with completely indecent posture.
- He loves "belly love".  He will roll over and paw at me until I rub his belly.  If I stop he looks at me like "what are you doing?!"  It makes me smile, especially when his leg twitches.
- The way he stretches every morning.  He jumps off the bed, and first bows in the front with his butt in the air, then lowers his back end and lays like a "frog dog" with back legs stretched out behind him.  Then my favorite part: he stretches his head back like cobra pose in yoga.
- How he thinks he's a lap dog even though he's 75 lbs... 
- How he digs for shells in the sand.  He will find one (there is only one kind he likes: whelk shells) and dig all the sand from around it until he can pick it up in his mouth.  One time he found one out on the beach and carried it all the way back home and it currently resides in our back yard.
- How he lounges on my couch pillows and smushes them down.  Ok so it's annoying, but he looks so darn cute doing it, how can I get mad?
- When he has an itch on his face, he lays on the ground and puts both of his giant paws over his eyes and rubs them along his snout.  Cutest. Thing. Ever. 
- He can curl up in the tiniest little ball.  And he usually tucks his paws in like a little lamb.
- He has to sleep on the pillows above my head every night (this is him when he was still a tiny puppy, I can't believe how small he was).  Most would find it annoying - having the weight of a 75 lbs dog crush your face in  the middle of the night while he readjusts... but to me it's comforting :)
- He clucks like a chicken instead of barking like a dog.
- He loves running in circles.
- His favorite toy is his pig that has a water bottle in it.  He carries it around everywhere with him.  I can say "Winnie, where's pig?" and he cocks his head and looks all concerned and then runs off to find him.
- He gives nose bumps instead of kisses.  He will sometimes kiss, but to show his love he bumps you with his nose.  Oh so sweet.
- He loves his brother Jack very much.  It is so adorable how they share their toys.  They walk around the room or the yard with one toy in both their mouths.
- He is very drooly, to the point of being comedic.
- When he snuggles, he really snuggles.  He has been known to spoon a time or two.
- He wags his tail so fast it wiggles his whole back half.  Don't get in the way though, that thing could be a weapon!
- Perhaps my most favorite of all is his Elvis impersonation.  It's a reaction he has to scratching a spot on his face.  His lip curls up on whatever side it is you're scratching.  Sometimes it's so exaggerated he opens his mouth wide and curls his tongue out too!  He ain't nothin' but a hound dog...

There are many many many more reasons why I love him oh so much, but I won't bore you.

He is one of the lights of my life, and I don't know what I'd do without my big bear of a pillow.  Bubba, Lump, Butt Butt, whatever other name I may call him... I love you Winstonian!

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