Friday, November 20, 2009

arts & crafts night!

Last night I surprised Pat and went grocery shopping to cook him dinner (something I NEVER do since I don't know how to cook) and I stumbled across some stockings for sale. Even though we won't be around NC for the holidays, I still wanted to decorate! So I bought some stockings and paint and we made stockings for each other. I also made some for the boys. Here are some pics of the progress... and also... my new haircut (first one in almost 2 years)! It's not that much shorter but it is 1000 times healthier!

getting started...

our stockingsnot my best look the whole fam's Christmas stockings! trying to get all my hair in the pic

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

funny dogs!

With all the rain (about a foot) that we got from Tropical Storm Ida last week, our backyard has gotten pretty muddy... We got pretty sick of cleaning the white carpet really fast, so... We bought the boys booties for their paws! They do not like them very much but it is hysterical to watch them try and walk in them! Their first reactions were a lot better then these videos, but we were laughing too hard to hold the camera. They started to get used to them, but it's still pretty funny!

this one is of Jack and Winston getting ready to go out

(sorry it's sideways)...

and here's just a funny picture of Win with my slipper (one of their favorite chew toys) stuck on his nose

House Pictures!

Finally some pictures of the new house down in NC:

our little house :)

our mailbox
the living room
the kitchen
the dining room (and Jacko!)
tray ceiling!

Friday, November 13, 2009

37 weeks and change...

Thanks to a friendly suggestion I now have titles for my blogs for the next few months! Countdown to the wedding. According to my handy dandy Facebook countdown thingamajig it says we have 261 days to go. AKA just over 37 weeks. Scary that we'll be getting married in LESS time then Pat was deployed for...

Anyways, sorry for not posting for forever (to all 3 of you who read this hah) but we JUST got internet in the house here in New Bern. We got moved in really fast with a ton of help from Pat's marines. But the getting settled part is taking a lot longer. I have made countless trips up and down the East coast, and let me tell you how fun THAT is. We spend just about every night I'm here at Walmart, stocking up on things we just HAVE to have... But it's been good so far... pictures to come.

Tuesday was my birthday, and along with that comes the USMC birthday. And Pat's unit was nice enough to throw me a birthday ball! Just kidding... it was for the 2nd MAW, but I still got to get dressed up and dance with our friends... more pictures to come. Pat and I will be heading home this weekend to celebrate my 23rd with our families, and to discuss wedding plans...

And on the wedding front, we have ordered our save-the-date cards! And we (ok mostly me) are very excited about them! I wish they were delivered already, but it's only been like 3 days so I know that's a LITTLE unreasonable of me...

There's so much more but I won't bore you with any of it... I know I keep promising pictures but seriously, soon...

PS - we also just booked the BEST photographer! check her out: