Thursday, August 12, 2010

honeymoon canoe adventure

We also took a canoe trip from Boone, NC on the New River (which is oddly enough the 2nd oldest river in the world - of course I asked "how can a river be old?") and it was an adventure to say the least.

First, we took the 2 dogs. A feat in and of itself.

Then, at the advice of the canoe man, we started off with Winston in the water, walking alongside the canoe. He said it wasn't deep enough and with Winston in the canoe we would be dragging. He was right, but we were dragging without Winnie. Having him in the water made it worse because he was so panicked as to why he was the only one in the water, and the changing depth freaked him out, so he proceeded to try and jump in the boat. This lead to a severely unsturdy ride and copious splashing. We ended up putting him in the middle of the canoe, and instead of lying down he jumped out. WHAT?!

We realized he was trying to get to me when he immediately tried to jump back in the front of the canoe. So I got in the river and lifted him into the very front of the canoe and on we went.

Just about 10 minutes into the trip, downpour. We laughed that one off, basically because Jack was so sad and pathetic in the rain. He tried to bury himself under the life jackets, under my seat. Poor boy. Winston didn't mind so much, he was already soaked, as were we.

The next few hours went like this. Paddle, paddle, stuck on a rock. Get out, unstick canoe, get back in. Winston jumps out, runs for a little, tries to get back in. Get out, lift Win back into boat. Repeat. Jack was hysterical during all this. He had his front paws up on one side of the canoe and he was checking everything out, then he'd switch to the other side. He was like our 'little captain', ironic because that's exactly what schipperke means in Swedish (and that's what Jack is - a schipperke - Swedish ship dogs).

We finally get to a cut off point and we are presented with the option of getting out or continuing. Pat asks my opinion, I say I don't care it's up to him and he says no way it's my choice. I figured if he wanted to stop he would've said so, and I think "hey let's get our money's worth" and I said we'll go!

Pat returns to the canoe and we begin again. It is only when we are too far to turn back he tells me the canoe man informed him that there were class 1 rapids on this leg of the trip. Something that would have been helpful in my decision making. Oh well...

The rapids, as it turns out were the least of our worries as the skies began to turn black. The end is no where in sight as we start to hear thunder. And then it happens, the skies open, and we are stuck in the middle of nowhere in what could be a flash flood incident complete with lightning strikes. Cue: breakdown.

That's right, I broke down in the middle of the river rainstorm. Hyperventilation and all. Screaming we were going to die on the "God-forsaken river" and "this is the worst honeymoon ever". Obviously I didn't mean those things, but I was terrified! You would have been too, I promise.

Clearly we made it out alive, and now it's a great story that we'll have to tell for years and years to come.

Here we are at the midway point - still a happy family
Winston running through the river - right after he pooped in it!
(gross but it was so funny!)
Winnie trudging along next to the canoe
Pat - may or may not be hating me at this point
Captain Jack!

honeymoon house hunting ;)

We took a trip into Asheville to the Biltmore Estate. It's the largest single family home in America. We also ventured to the Antler Village, which is where they had the family farm & winery. Plus some delicious restuarants!

in front of the house

view down the whole front lawn to the estate

walled gardens and conservatory

at the bass lake on the grounds

turtles in the bass lake

lunch at Cedric's Tavern on the grounds
grapes on a vine
winery library
baby chickens!

honeymoon cabin

We took our honeymoon in a little town called Marshall, right outside of Asheville, NC. We stayed in a quaint little cabin in the mountains. Here are some photos of it:

side porch
upstairs living room
fire place! downstairs living room
hot tub overlooking the cabin
front porch!

i put my hands up in the air sometimes...

Good ol' Taio Cruz, I want to thank him for providing the official theme song for the wedding weekend. We heard it once at a bar after the rehearsal dinner, and it seemed to get stuck in everyone's head. I heard it was played on repeat back at the hotel too!

I'm pretty sure that everyone present will agree when I say the reception was a pretty stellar dance party. Don't believe me? Look for yourselves... Thanks to Lisa & Steph for the pictures!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

dinner, drinks & dancing!

Here's a collection of photos from the ceremony, you know the deal, can't remember enough for photo credits, sorry! But thanks!

mr. & mrs. crabbie! our adorable cake topper
mr. & mrs. m!
ok this one I know is Mo's, and I love it!
Pat doesn't like this one but I do, we look so happy!
technically from the ceremony, but he's dancing so I think it counts!
note: bouquet under arm, drink in hand
first dance - "All We Ever Find" by Mr. Tim McGraw
father/daughter dance, again with the Tim, "My Little Girl"
(amazing I'm not sobbing in this one)
cutting the cake! (yummm, even though it is the wrong color)
boogie down

That's all for now, folks. Check back tomorrow for more reception photos and a post or 2 about the honeymoon! Nine posts in one day is my limit, I can't bring myself to break into double digits just yet!

this one's for the girls...

I am lucky enough to have had 6 amazing, and beautiful roommates in college. If you include (which I do) our honorary roommate, and my soulmate (no, not Pat) then the count comes to 9 (including me).

This is a tribute to my very best friends, who have shared all the very best and very worst times with each other, and who are like sisters to me. I don't know where I'd be if it weren't for you girls these past 6 years! I love you all (we missed you SO much Kiki)!

Here's most of us (Chels, where were you?)
Sarah, Stef, Mo, me, Mer, Car & Em

I like this one because we're not ready and Car looks gorgeous
just like family - the girls with my Mom
in case you were wondering we are always classy
love there's Chels!
2 words: magic eyelashes ;)

xoxo, bias

wedding ceremony

Here's a whole collection of pictures from the ceremony... again sorry no photo credits. Feel free to claim yours if you want!

my Dad & mebeing given away by Mom and Dad

this picture is being posted for the sole reason that it is proof that my sister (& matron of honor) Kelly cried! I knew I saw her crying during the ceremony, and when I called her out on it (because it made me cry MORE) she said "what?! I didn't cry!" GOTCHA (love you)!

I just like this shot of the back of my dress :)
I wasn't happy at all, as I? (ps I love my train)
I'm pretty sure this is when I couldn't get Pat's ring on... but check out my sweet cuff bracelet that my bridesmaid Carly made for me (it has kiss pleats)!
our programs! (ok this one I know was Christy because no one else took a picture of these)
Pat crying! And he said he wouldn't! (& this one I happen to know is Sarah's!)
first kiss
& another angle (Tony's - I know because it was my FB picture)
I like this one because it's us and our matron of honor and best man