Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wedding party

Pretty self explanatory... key points of the ceremony: started 45 minutes late (due to hair crisis), pretty much everybody cried (me the most I think), the music might have been my favorite part (it included the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the La's and Jason Mraz... oh and who could forget - my aunt singing!), and the youngest people in our wedding party made it so cute!
Whitaker, my nephew and a ring bearer, escorted my mom down the aisle because he refused to leave her side. His dad and younger (3 month old) brother also walked with them. Pat's niece Mackenzie walked with her mom and dad instead of the flower girls. She was doing a great job walking in the sand for a 17 month old, but ended up getting scooped up by her mom mid-aisle (love it)!
And my nieces Reese and Hadley did the most outstanding job throwing flower petals, they perfect outlined an aisle for me.

My nephew Brett who walked down in the proper order took his job SO seriously I can't even stand how cute it was (& he's 5). My jr. bridesmaid and groomsmen, niece and nephew Carson & Griffin looked so good they could be models. I am so unbelieveably lucky to have this family!
Check out and see how stunning the rest of our wedding party was:

Sorry, no photo credits on this one because I honestly can't remember who I stole pictures from for this one... Except this last one...

Last but CERTAINLY not least is perhaps my favorite picture of the day, captured by Owen. On first glance it is a sweet picture of our first kiss. Upon closer examination, it appears that Whit is picking his nose in the foreground! Unfortunately, it is not quite that exciting, he actually has a lollipop in his mouth. But he's still pretty darn cute!

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