Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more pre wedding...

This post is really just to tell a little story...

As I noted in the previous post, my hair-do included a braided headband. In the posts to follow, you will notice that headband is missing. This wasn't a headband of fake hair, this was my actual hair.

In the car on the way from the hotel to the site, my hair headband fell out of place, and I was left holding a rattail (for lack of a better term). Cue tears. Seriously I cried before we even got to CBF.

*Tiny secret... the bridal party used a memory trick to hold it together during the ceremony. Whether or not it worked is debateable. We simply said to ourselves... "remember the rattail" to stop ourselves from crying.*

This minor crisis resulted in us starting around 45 minutes late. Which actually turned out to be a blessing as many people got lost and didn't arrive until around 6:30 (we were supposed to start at 6).

Check out the later posts for our quick fix, sans braided headband. Here's just about the only picture we have from the pre wedding prep at CBF, since I banned pictures (although I'm pretty sure Kelly snapped some...)

Ms. Mackenzie getting her 'pedi' by mom, Kendall!
how cute?!

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