Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wedding ceremony

Here's a whole collection of pictures from the ceremony... again sorry no photo credits. Feel free to claim yours if you want!

my Dad & mebeing given away by Mom and Dad

this picture is being posted for the sole reason that it is proof that my sister (& matron of honor) Kelly cried! I knew I saw her crying during the ceremony, and when I called her out on it (because it made me cry MORE) she said "what?! I didn't cry!" GOTCHA (love you)!

I just like this shot of the back of my dress :)
I wasn't happy at all, as I? (ps I love my train)
I'm pretty sure this is when I couldn't get Pat's ring on... but check out my sweet cuff bracelet that my bridesmaid Carly made for me (it has kiss pleats)!
our programs! (ok this one I know was Christy because no one else took a picture of these)
Pat crying! And he said he wouldn't! (& this one I happen to know is Sarah's!)
first kiss
& another angle (Tony's - I know because it was my FB picture)
I like this one because it's us and our matron of honor and best man

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kelly said...

OK! Maybe you caught me shedding a tear or two or maybe it was just a grain of sand in my eye! Just kidding. I think what set me off was the tear coming down Patrick's cheek as he watched you walk down the aisle.