Thursday, January 29, 2009


Patrick finally got the internet in his can. I talked to him Monday after he got off work for a little while. Since it's relatively unrestricted from his personal computer, he was able to get on GMail and we could GChat. We found out that the internet in Iraq isn't all that great, and several of our messages didn't make it through to the other side. He complained that his small pox vaccine was getting gross and was somewhat painful, but insisted that he was taking care of it properly. I updated him on the dogs on how much they miss him and how I show them his picture every night. I haven't heard back from him since, so hopefully this afternoon will bring a phone call or an email. Keep praying for him, it's going to be a long year!

Monday, January 26, 2009

finally a phone call!

I guess posting yesterday did the trick, because I got my first phone call from Iraq yesterday. Patrick gave me a call around 2 pm yesterday, 10 pm his time. It was so good to finally hear from him! We got to talk for about an hour, which was very nice.

He filled me in on everything. He said he's been very busy, working around 17 hours a day. He said he had just gotten off work, and he usually gets up for work around 4 am. So he apologzied for sounding tired, and he told me... "If it makes you feel any better this week flew by for me!" I told him it didn't because I felt like a "snail crawling through time". Regardless I am glad he's keeping busy, and he's safe.

He told me that everything was ready when they arrived, and they got to move in right away, and that he has 2 roommates. He said in the cans the outlets are European outlets, which he hadn't anticipated so he hasn't gotten to use his laptop or ipod or anything since he can't charge the batteries. Hopefully by the end of today he'll have the adapters and be all set up to communicate more often.

Of course he told me about the food, with Patrick it's always about the food! He said along with the Burger King and Pizza Hut and Subway, they've built a Cinnabon and KFC that haven't opened yet. Needless to say he's excited for all of that. He also asked if I could send him Bojangles, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too tasty after the 2 week trip in the mail!

He gave me a list of things to send him already, and things I shouldn't send. He originally wanted me to ship his Wii over, but after he got there he saw how bad the sand got into absolutely everything and thought it wasn't the best of ideas. If anyone out there wants to send him something, shoot me an email and I will be happy to provide his address for you.

He didn't have much more to tell me. He said he's taking pictures, so I'll see what I can do about getting them from him and posting them up here. But that's about all for now. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers! 1 week down, 51 more to go!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

still no word...

I still haven't received any word from Patrick since Monday, but his dad has talked to him. Since they both work in related fields, his dad was able to find the number and call him at work. He said he's good and very busy working hard. It's still not as good as getting my own phone call, but at least we know he's ok!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry for not posting for a while, things have been quite crazy! I'll start from the beginning... My mom came to visit New Bern, and we drove down to Columbia, SC to visit my older sister and her family. On the day Patrick was supposed to come meet us he got word that he basically had to be on call (and ready to leave) for the next week. That was tough news to hear. But he still made it down to visit all the kids and we were all pleased with that.

We made it back to New Bern that Sunday, and were waiting to hear when it could possibly be. We soon got our answer, as he found out he would be leaving in just a few days. That week was spent finding a storage unit, and moving into it (Thanks Justin and Collins for all your help!), packing to leave, etc. Since it's our style to procrastinate, we finally got it all done with about an hour to spare. Patrick and I drove to Cherry Point around 8the night before he left, and he did all the things he needed to do (stand in formation, get the last of his shots) and they loaded the trucks and bused him off to meet the plane. I reluctantly left the base, and Patrick flew out about 5 hours later.

I was lucky to have my own things to pack at the apartment to keep me busy. My dad came to help me late Saturday night and we left New Bern Sunday afternoon. I have now returned to MD with Winston and Jack who will be with us throughout the deployment.

Good news came early Monday morning. Patrick called his family around 2 a.m., and got to talk with his mom, dad and sister. He filled them in on his travels and let them know he arrived in Kuwait safely. I got a call around 10:45 that same morning to hear the same thing. We didn't get to talk for long since he had yet another formation to go to. He spolied me and called again around 12:45 Monday afternoon and told me they got news that planes were ready and they would be flying out in a few hours. He said he would contact me however he could as soon as possible, but as of now, I haven't heard anything.

He didn't think they would have internet access or anything, so I'm not surprised I haven't heard from him yet. I will post any information I get from him here, and do my best to keep you filled in! Please keep him and the rest of the troops in your thoughts and prayers so that they may come home safely!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

life after the holidays

This morning I arrived back in New Bern after numerous travels up and down the East Coast for the holiday season. I left Pat and the pups and flew to MD (read about that experience below). Then I flew down to Charleston, SC to spend time with Pat and his family after Christmas. The poor pups had to stay in a kennel for twelve whole days while we were there. It broke my heart. So, needless to say I am so glad to be back in NC with them! I also drove to DC to say goodbye to Maureen (enjoy your shoutout) because she is moving to SPAIN! Tomorrow! We will all miss you! And I am currently planning my visit out to see you.

For now, in NC, I'm helping Patrick get ready to deploy in about two weeks (official date still not released). On top of that, I get to spend the next 36 hours all alone with Jack and Win since Patrick has duty and cannot leave the base. Ergo, I have time to kill, and here is a slideshow of the Sullivan's Island Polar Bear Plunge, where Patrick dressed in his sister's Flamingo costume to jump in the freezing cold Atlantic on New Year's Day!