Tuesday, January 6, 2009

life after the holidays

This morning I arrived back in New Bern after numerous travels up and down the East Coast for the holiday season. I left Pat and the pups and flew to MD (read about that experience below). Then I flew down to Charleston, SC to spend time with Pat and his family after Christmas. The poor pups had to stay in a kennel for twelve whole days while we were there. It broke my heart. So, needless to say I am so glad to be back in NC with them! I also drove to DC to say goodbye to Maureen (enjoy your shoutout) because she is moving to SPAIN! Tomorrow! We will all miss you! And I am currently planning my visit out to see you.

For now, in NC, I'm helping Patrick get ready to deploy in about two weeks (official date still not released). On top of that, I get to spend the next 36 hours all alone with Jack and Win since Patrick has duty and cannot leave the base. Ergo, I have time to kill, and here is a slideshow of the Sullivan's Island Polar Bear Plunge, where Patrick dressed in his sister's Flamingo costume to jump in the freezing cold Atlantic on New Year's Day!

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