Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 19

Well, to make up for all the boring posts I've had thus far, this one is finally exciting! Like I mentioned last week, Patrick was promoted on Monday. He is now a first lieutenant! They had a ceremony and he said they took pictures, but isn't sure if he can share them. Another sort of promotion he had was that Tuesday he tested for his green belt in Marine Corps martial arts. He got his tan belt in TBS about a year ago, and since he's been over in Iraq he has gotten his grey belt, and as of this week, his green belt. Only brown and then black left to go!

More exciting events, not good, but exciting... Pat was bit by a spider this week! He's been wanting to see a big, giant camel spider (why, I have no idea) but I guess he missed his chance. He woke up Wednesday morning with a big red blister on his hand and medical said it was a spider bite. I told him to make sure he keeps an eye on it, and not to blow it off, so we'll see. Shouldn't be too bad, but if they ship him off to Germany, I'll be heading over to Europe a few weeks early I think ;) Unfortunately, it shouldn't cause too much trouble for him, and that won't happen. Kinda sad I'm wishing for him to be sick so I can see him. Oh well, I'm not afraid to admit I'm selfish!

19 down... 34 to go!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 18

Yet another week down. I've gotten a new web cam so Patrick and I can go back to video chatting. It's nice to be able to see his face again :) and with the new internet and phone center in his building he calls almost everyday! He's been very busy with an ongoing project, and he stays up late to talk to me. I feel so bad! Big things are coming up, though. Patrick gets promoted tomorrow! And it'll mark his third year of service as well. He said there's a ceremony and depending on where it is will decide if he'll be able to get pictures or not. I'm hoping that he can get some. I'll have to nag him about sending them to me though, since he's promised to send me pictures since he got out there and I have yet to see any! Also, I will ask him later to send a picture of his "mustache" this week so we can begin to track it's progress! (Ew)

At home, nothing exciting is happening. I'm working a lot since it's Memorial Day weekend. We're very busy, and it's long hours, and I'm very tired. The pups don't like me being away all day, and I feel bad when I get home and just want to sleep! But they're good and they love me, and snuggle me anyways.

That's all for now, hopefully in the next few days I'll have some good pictures to post for y'all. 18 weeks down, 34 weeks to go!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 17

Well things are going well. I think Patrick and I are almost committed enough to actually book our trip to St. Kitts for his leave in the fall! Very exciting! And, I am planning a trip as well... to Spain this June. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that though.

I was away all weekend house/kid/dog sitting for my cousins. Jack and Winston got to stay with Mimi and Bepa allll weekend without Mom. Apparently they behaved. My mom took Win for runs most nights while I wasn't here, so that he would be tired out and behave (and Jack's ALWAYS a good boy). Although, Winston did have to be rescued. My mom went in the backyard Saturday and found him swimming around the pool! We're guessing he fell in and when he saw my mom he stopped and he stood up in the shallow end and put his paws on the pool deck and waited. Well, my mom being the wonderful, caring person she is, jumped into the pool to pick Win's back legs up to meet his front ones! He was pretty tuckered out after that, so that's good!

Patrick is doing well. He has informed me that he and the other lieutenants will be growing mustaches now. I told him first, ew, and then, as long as he doesn't have it when he comes home I don't care! And then I asked if they were even allowed to, and they are, but there are certain restrictions. Ha! Anyway, he said he would send my pictures that I could post up here so we could all follow his progress (as slow as it may be... sorry baby but it's true!) That's all for now I suppose... until next week...

Only 35 weeks left! Hooray!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Week 16

Another week down... Pat had a busy week over in Iraq, and I lost my webcam in the disaster that is my room. So we haven't gotten to video chat in a while. Hopefully I find it soon!

Happy Mother's Day by the way! Patrick sent me and my mom very beautiful arrangements of flowers. My card is of course signed from Patrick, Jack and Winston! We also got to see Patrick on Ellen Degeneres' show on Friday. They did a special shout out from Pat's base, and if you watch the clip (link is below) you can see Patrick in the back of the group shot at the end! (click on the video that is titled Mother's Day Greetings from Overseas)

I have to work tonight, so my mom and I celebrated Mother's Day early and spent all morning in DC Friday. We spent time at Arlington National Cemetary, and got to see the eternal flame where JFK is buried. We watch the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And we got a chance to find our relatives (my dad's aunt and uncle) who are buried there. Brigadier General Alfred Judson Force Moody was the first general to die in Vietnam. We also spent time at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, where my grandmother, Lee Ann Bennett Quinn (my mom's mom) is registered and honored. We had great weather and a great time. Pictures are posted below...

That's all for this week... only 36 weeks to go!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 15

Well, things are still pretty boring. Although Patrick gets to talk to me a lot more now that there's an internet center at work. He was pretty sick earlier in the week, and his colonel ordered him to stay home. I'm glad for that, one because we got to talk EVEN more, and two because he got the rest he really needed. Now that he's better, I'm sick with the most terrible allergies.

Some good news is that Patrick and I decided for sure where we are going to vacation while he's on leave. We're going to St. Kitts in the Caribbean! It's a little island with lots to do, and we can get a really good package deal. So it looks like we'll probably be going for 5 days/4 nights if it all works out. We're both very excited!

I guess that's it for this week's highlights... only 37 weeks left!