Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 18

Yet another week down. I've gotten a new web cam so Patrick and I can go back to video chatting. It's nice to be able to see his face again :) and with the new internet and phone center in his building he calls almost everyday! He's been very busy with an ongoing project, and he stays up late to talk to me. I feel so bad! Big things are coming up, though. Patrick gets promoted tomorrow! And it'll mark his third year of service as well. He said there's a ceremony and depending on where it is will decide if he'll be able to get pictures or not. I'm hoping that he can get some. I'll have to nag him about sending them to me though, since he's promised to send me pictures since he got out there and I have yet to see any! Also, I will ask him later to send a picture of his "mustache" this week so we can begin to track it's progress! (Ew)

At home, nothing exciting is happening. I'm working a lot since it's Memorial Day weekend. We're very busy, and it's long hours, and I'm very tired. The pups don't like me being away all day, and I feel bad when I get home and just want to sleep! But they're good and they love me, and snuggle me anyways.

That's all for now, hopefully in the next few days I'll have some good pictures to post for y'all. 18 weeks down, 34 weeks to go!

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