Monday, May 18, 2009

Week 17

Well things are going well. I think Patrick and I are almost committed enough to actually book our trip to St. Kitts for his leave in the fall! Very exciting! And, I am planning a trip as well... to Spain this June. I'm pretty sure I already mentioned that though.

I was away all weekend house/kid/dog sitting for my cousins. Jack and Winston got to stay with Mimi and Bepa allll weekend without Mom. Apparently they behaved. My mom took Win for runs most nights while I wasn't here, so that he would be tired out and behave (and Jack's ALWAYS a good boy). Although, Winston did have to be rescued. My mom went in the backyard Saturday and found him swimming around the pool! We're guessing he fell in and when he saw my mom he stopped and he stood up in the shallow end and put his paws on the pool deck and waited. Well, my mom being the wonderful, caring person she is, jumped into the pool to pick Win's back legs up to meet his front ones! He was pretty tuckered out after that, so that's good!

Patrick is doing well. He has informed me that he and the other lieutenants will be growing mustaches now. I told him first, ew, and then, as long as he doesn't have it when he comes home I don't care! And then I asked if they were even allowed to, and they are, but there are certain restrictions. Ha! Anyway, he said he would send my pictures that I could post up here so we could all follow his progress (as slow as it may be... sorry baby but it's true!) That's all for now I suppose... until next week...

Only 35 weeks left! Hooray!

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