Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 19

Well, to make up for all the boring posts I've had thus far, this one is finally exciting! Like I mentioned last week, Patrick was promoted on Monday. He is now a first lieutenant! They had a ceremony and he said they took pictures, but isn't sure if he can share them. Another sort of promotion he had was that Tuesday he tested for his green belt in Marine Corps martial arts. He got his tan belt in TBS about a year ago, and since he's been over in Iraq he has gotten his grey belt, and as of this week, his green belt. Only brown and then black left to go!

More exciting events, not good, but exciting... Pat was bit by a spider this week! He's been wanting to see a big, giant camel spider (why, I have no idea) but I guess he missed his chance. He woke up Wednesday morning with a big red blister on his hand and medical said it was a spider bite. I told him to make sure he keeps an eye on it, and not to blow it off, so we'll see. Shouldn't be too bad, but if they ship him off to Germany, I'll be heading over to Europe a few weeks early I think ;) Unfortunately, it shouldn't cause too much trouble for him, and that won't happen. Kinda sad I'm wishing for him to be sick so I can see him. Oh well, I'm not afraid to admit I'm selfish!

19 down... 34 to go!

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