Sunday, April 3, 2011

4 months down...

5 months to go!

And so begins the 3rd countdown for my little blog here... the first of which being Patrick's 10 month deployment in 2009, the second being our wedding in July 2010, and of course this one is until Sharkbait's arrival.

As we are 24 short weeks away from parenthood... well at least I am.  Patrick will still have about 6 months to wait before he even meets the little one... I can't believe how fast it has already flown by.  I think that Patrick's impending departure is sort of a blessing in disguise.  While I'm sure most moms-to-be are counting down the days to not be fat anymore, I am finding myself wishing the days would slow down because I am not ready to have my husband leave.  Which of course is only making said days go faster.

At this point in time I have no real "belly shots" (sorry for those of you who may have been hoping).  But I did take a picture with Patrick the night he left for pre-deployment training so we could compare it to when he gets home in about a month or so.  I will post something when we have the comparison.

As far as an update, which most of you probably don't care about...
- I am somewhere between 16 and 17 weeks (the Dr's have given me conflicting reports)
- We are officially 10 days away from the next ultrasound which will tell us if we will have a blue or pink nursery (in actuality it won't REALLY be one of those colors, but at least we can buy coordinating accessories)
- We won't actually find out if it's a boy or girl until Patrick returns home as it is my plan to go to the ultrasound and not look and have the technician write it on a picture and stick it in an envelope for us to open together
- So far I haven't gained a single pound**... which I am very excited about... however I know that one morning, out of no where, I will wake up and roughly be the size of the moon

That's all for now... off to get myself another snack!

**Update... approximately a week after this post I have discovered my insatiable appetite so I guess I won't have to worry about that gaining no weight thing anymore.  Darn.


The Barrick Times said...

Fun updates!!! I can't imagine not having my husband with me during pregnancy, so I feel for you! If there's anything I can do, or any support you need, PLEASE let me know!! I wish you a very "boring" and healthy pregnancy!

Kalyn said...

Thanks! If we make it up to MD before he leaves (and you have time!) we will probably want to schedule you for a shoot! Sadly I won't be nearby when you're in OBX :(