Thursday, April 28, 2011

pregasaurus rex

Well, halfway done now... and I've finally gotten my first, official, weird pregnancy craving.  So far I've 'craved' foods, but not to the point where I won't be satisfied if I don't get it (ok... maybe with Chipotle).  And all the foods I've 'craved' have been foods I would be eating anyways, like fruit.  Not so out there.  Except for pickles. I usually hate pickles, but now I'll have one every now and then.  But that sounds so cliche.

So on to my real craving... horseradish.  Weird, right?  Never in my life have I ever thought to myself "Hm, this cold use some more horseradish".  But all of a sudden that's exactly what I've been thinking.  I've added it to anything that makes sense, not like ice cream or chocolate or anything.  Just sandwiches really... which isn't bizarre, at least I don't think.

Anyways, the rest of week 20 is going smoothly.  Other then the fact that Patrick is still away.  Not too much longer though!  Then the posts will start to get exciting and we'll know more (fun) stuff about Sharkbait.  Plus maybe a picture or two...

In the meantime I'm keeping busy with these 2 lumps of love, who are so darn cute these days I truly cannot stand it...

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