Friday, April 22, 2011

hug a hero

So after a tough few days, I received a special something in the mail.  I completely forgot I ordered it, which makes it even better.  I totally needed this too...

But first, before I tell you what it is... How cute is this paw action going on?

Anyways... It was a Daddy Doll!  I took a photo of Patrick the night he left for pre-deployment training and sent it in and they put it on a cute little doll for me Sharkbait.  It made me cry to see his smiling face and be able to hug it.  The doll is actually already covered in dog hair because I've had to sleep with it every night.  Oops.  Don't worry, Baby, I'll wash it before you get here.  The boys love it too... they give Dad lots of kisses :)

 We miss you Dad, come home soon!

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