Friday, April 22, 2011

remembering the good times

The thing about having a pet friend for 15 and a half years is that you have lots of memories to think of often.  Just wanted to tell you about a few of my favorites over the years.  You already know about the early slumber parties, but these are good too.  I'm trying to track down pictures of these as well as the aforementioned nights on the floor.

Buddy was known to burrow.  He would without a doubt bury himself in covers whenever he had the opportunity.  Even if he was on the floor without any, he would pull the ones you were using off the bed and wrap himself neatly up.  One Sunday morning we came home from church to find that Buddy must have burrowed in my laundry pile.  He was stuck in the middle of the hallway in the sleeve of one of my shirts!  We all got a good laugh, and we'll never for get the site of Buddy, our little "harp seal.  

He also burrowed into a pile of my Vera Bradley bags once, as you can see below...

Another fond memory was that of Buddy surfing.  He didn't like it much, but he did tolerate it.  We would put him on a boogie board in our pool and let him float around.  Sometimes he swam, but if it were up to him he wouldn't have gotten wet.

I know photos of these events exist and I promise to have them posted here... eventually.

Still missing you Bean.  Love always.

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