Sunday, April 3, 2011

you don't choose your family...

... they are God's gift to you.  And so blessed are we that we have such a wonderful, thoughtful, giving and caring family!  Little Sharkbait has already been the recipient of so much love, and for that we are forever grateful.  So we just wanted to give some shoutouts where they were due, and because baby things are so cute...

Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kevin (and all 7 cousins) sent along this fun countdown calendar and an adorable puppy blankey (No, Winston, it's not a chew toy)
***They also sent Patrick a recordable storybook for his birthday.  The story is "Guess How Much I Love You" and I can't wait for him to get home and read it out loud the exact same way Sharkbait will hear it every night while Dad is off being a hero.***

 Grandma & Grandpa gave us our first little outfit (jammies!) and a super soft blanket

Aunt Christy and Aunt Jamie sent a cute ultrasound frame that can be personalized (right now it says "coming soon") and "The Belly Book" a tradition they are sharing with me (in which I immediately filled with info from the past 3 months)

Meanwhile, Mimi and Bepa are busy at their new house building an apartment for me and Sharkbait to move into when Patrick leaves, whenever that may be... We've already picked out paint colors!  Don't know what we'd do without them... and everyone else who loves us so much!  Thank you times infinity to everyone :)

Oh, and I can't forget all of the Wolfe St. Aunties who insisted couldn't resist rubbing my "belly" when they visited.  And our dear friend Ms. Eileen gave us a sweet (and authenticated) Peter Rabbit stuffie, plus the first funds towards Sharkbait's first piggy bank (which was won in a card game... and I am under strict instructions to only add to the piggy bank money that I win gambling... I am mother of the year already)

Disclaimer:  If I failed to mention your personal outpouring of love for us, I am sincerely sorry.  Pregnancy Brain is not a myth as I am coming to find out.  I am more and more frequently forgetting things, the scariest of these 'things' would be forgetting to finish my sentences.  So it is not that you are not loved, it is simply that I forgot you.  No offense.

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