Friday, April 22, 2011

another angel

This week the Perkins family lost a very dear member.  Buddy, our miniature dachshund, left us for a better place.  Bean, as I affectionately called him, was 15 and a half years young.  He was so full of spirit and spunk right up until his last nap.  Even though he was old, he could still keep up with the young pups, and was often spotted playing with them.  Of course, that was when he wasn't partaking in his favorite past time -- napping.  He was without a doubt the most loving dog I have ever encountered.  The dog would lick your skin off he kissed so much.  I will so miss his kisses on my ankles, feet and toes while I'm sitting at the dinner table, on the sofa, or anywhere he could reach me.  Even if his breath was stinky.  

We got my Bean when he was just 8 weeks old.  A neighbor of ours had a dog that had puppies, and I immediately decided that I had to have this puppy.  And I was 9.  I got my way a glass of wine, and a couple kisses later.  You see, when our neighbor found out I wanted the puppy, she said "Bring your mom over, we'll give her a glass of wine and talk her into it."  My 4th grade self had no idea what that actually meant.  But that's what we did.  When the subject was broached with my father, he said "Ok, we can keep him if he gives me a kiss."  Sure enough, Buddy kissed him all over.  Maybe that's why he never stopped kissing.  He knew it was why he was part of our family.

Fifteen and a half short years later, he never changed.  Still just as loving, and still looking like the puppy he was from day 1.  And he still got into his fair share of trouble, just like a puppy would.  I loved how his ears always perked up and went way out to the side when he was very interested in something.  And I loved to watch him run.  Believe it or not, he still did.  He was a hard one to catch too!  It was so cute the way he would almost bounce down the driveway.

Buddy, you were more then a dog, you were a best friend.  I will always cherish all the moments we had together over the years.  Among my favorites were the first nights we had you, I don't even think you had a name yet.  But you were so tiny, Mom and Dad wouldn't let me sleep with you on my bed, so I put all my blankets on the floor so I could snuggle you.  You and your sweet face and big heart will be missed by all, but will never be forgotten.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories my old man.
Love you always and forever.

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