Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 13

Well, still nothing exciting to report. I wish I had more to say... so I apologize for saying the same thing week after week. Patrick is good, busy, working hard, sleeping when he can. We talk when we can. I miss him. Nothing new.

Here at home, I'm struggling with Winston. He still likes to eat things. He has moved from inside walls, to outside walls and has gotten some of the siding off of the house. And he ate through the hose today and made a great fountain to play in. He's also started growling at every dog he passes on our walks. Not very convenient. He's doing well in class and graduation is next week! I can't believe it. The teacher thinks he needs private lessons because of how nervous he is around other dogs. Anyways... he and Jack bothed helped their Mimi paint the family room today. Winston's side is completely white with paint. From his nose, to his whiskers, his head, ears and chest, his rib cage, his back legs to his tail. It will take a while for that to come out. Jack has some on his butt too!

Only 39 weeks left!

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