Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week 14

Well this week I actually have some updates! Nothing crazy, but still it's something to write about. Well, I guess over in the sandbox they have built a new internet/phone center in the building where Patrick works. This means that he has better access to phones and computers and can call/write more often throughout the day. Very exciting for me. We got a chance to talk for about an hour the other day which was nice. We haven't really talked on the phone a lot since we got the webcams. But, Patrick can only use the webcam on his laptop in his can, so if his roommates are sleeping when he gets home, we can't talk. We just smile at each other! Hah. It's kinda funny, but I'd rather that then not being able to see him at all.

Here at home, Winston graduated from doggie school this week! We had our last class, where we played a game. The instructor had cards and she'd pick a card and the dog would have to do what was on the card. If he was successful, he'd get a point. If not it went on to the next dog. Winston was challenged 10 times, and ended up with 9 points! I couldn't believe it. He ended up winning, the next highest dog had 7 points, and Scout ended up with 6. Some of the other dogs got off easier then poor Scouty though. Anyways, he won a big rope toy that he loves, and we all got squeaky toys and Winnie brought home a present for Jack. All in all a pretty exciting day!

38 weeks an counting... more then a quarter of the way there!!!

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