Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Real World

I'm sure anyone reading this knows already, but if you don't... Patrick is a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. He has finally completed all of his schools after going through Officer Candidate School, The Basic School, part of Communications School, and Intelligence School. He even had a brief stint at Manpower where he got some pretty good reviews. I'm so proud :)

As of November 24, 2008 he has moved to New Bern, NC and reported to his duty station at Cherry Point Marine Air Wing. Upon checking in, he received word that he will most likely be deploying the third week of January, probably for about a year. We're still hoping that it won't happen, but it's looking like it will. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

After helping him pack up his apartment in Fredericksburg, and put it in a storage unit, pack that up and move it to NC, I will be going down to stay with him and help him find a new storage unit in NC, in order to move out of the apartment I just helped him move into. It's the least I can do since most of the stuff is mine anyways!

And also I'll be able to help him take care of the boys, Jack and Winston (pictured below).
While I'm down in NC, I won't have forgotten about the real world. So don't worry Mom and Dad! I had my second interview this morning with a company called Reynolds and Reynolds. And, I have another interview this afternoon with a company called World Strides. They sound promising, so wish me luck!

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