Friday, December 12, 2008

tutt tutt it looks like rain

It's a very rainy day in New Bern, and with my new (but limited) movement of my left thumb I was excited to be able to get some things done today. So I found where the laundry room is in the apartment complex, and took over two loads. Now that it's all there, it's stuck because the skies have opened up and it would be completely pointless to carry back clean laundry in a monsoon.

While I'm sitting around doing nothing, I feel bad for all three of my boys. Patrick who has been out on the range all week, is out there yet again working on his weapons quals for deployment. In the beginning of the week he had freezing weather, and now that it's in the 70s, he's got torrential downpours. Here at the apartment, Winston and Jack want nothing more then to go outside. And with the way it's raining, there's no way that's happening. So we compromised. I took them out on the covered porch. Here are some pictures of our adventure...

Winston and Jack snuggled up in bed together saying "Mom will you please do something with us?!"
Winston liked to get outside for a little while, even though it was still pretty wet on the porch.
Jack gave it a try, but one drop of water on his head and he decided it wasn't for him.

Jack spent most of his outdoor time hiding from the rain behind mom's red chair.

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