Tuesday, March 15, 2011

honoring ireland

Every year Emerald Isle, NC pays homage to its namesake, the original "Emerald Isle", in a big way.  This year was the 20th annual St. Patrick's Day Festival on the island.  And also this year, some of my bestest friends came down for the party!  Four of my fellow Wolfe St. roomies trekked down south for the extravaganza, and I hope that we showed them a good time!  We missed you three that couldn't make it.

The festival seemed bigger this year then it was last year, and it included everything from a beer tent/garden (don't worry I didn't partake) to 3 stages with live music (one of which being karaoke), tons of food and booths with everything under the sun you could buy.  My favorite part, not surprisingly, was the petting zoo!

My favorite parts of the weekend, include (but aren't limited to) the shark attack at the E Club, and our group nap...  I quickly jumped in there on the end with the dogs (and Patrick too!)

Love you girls!

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