Monday, March 21, 2011

low key bday

Yesterday was Patrick's birthday.  And in typical military fashion, it was yet another holiday marred by something.  In our case, this something was (is) pre-deployment training.  

Jack is helping Dad pack... or trying to tell him not to leave us

So THIS is what turning 27 looks like...  Oh wait, you're birthday party didn't look like this?

We did do a little bit of celebrating though.  Patrick got to be as lazy as he wanted since it was his day.  I let him sleep in until about 12:30.  Until his pregnant wife begged for sustenance... then I let him take me to lunch wherever he wanted.  And after all that we even had cake!

It looks gross because it has the "coconut pecan" frosting that Pat loves, but my icing skills are fantastic, aren't they?

 Poor Patrick had to be subjected to me singing him "Happy Birthday" a capella and alone

Too bad by the time we got around to the cake it was just about time to leave for base and Pat was only hungry for one little piece (of which he gave half to the dogs - you know so they could share in the celebration...)

So here's to you Hubs... Happy Birthday!  I (we) love you and I hope to hear from you soon!  See you in May!

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