Thursday, December 8, 2011

three months

My little man has hit the 12 week mark.  Crazy!  He is so much fun these days, I can't even begin to tell you.  I fall more in love with every smile, every arch of the eyebrow, and even every cry.

He has pretty much gotten himself into a routine.  I swear he is so easy.  He is getting so good about sleeping 6-8 hours at a time at night.  Always up around the same time, but just sits in his seat (haven't graduated to the crib yet) and plays with his mobile.  He talks to his giraffe and waits for me to get him out.  No fussing, just giggles.  He takes a nap around the same time every morning and afternoon.  And falls asleep around the same time every night.  Perfection.  We have play time during the day, whether its time in the Bumbo or on the play mat, and tummy time too.  He loves it all.

He talks a ridiculous amount, but he is apparently camera shy.  Everytime he sees the camera he just stares at it and stops whatever he was doing (except kicking and flailing... he never stops doing that).  That's why this video is shot from the side, I didn't want him to stop giggling.  You miss out on the full effect of his cute expressions, but you can hear him and it is adorable.  I love how he keeps sticking his tongue out and you can totally see his precious little dimple!

And his eyes are getting bluer by the day... oh he is going to break some hearts with those gems.

And just look at how big he is!
(disregard the red mark on his stomach.  apparently he has sensitive skin like his momma and he got that when I was tickling him)

Oh little man, how I adore you!

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