Friday, December 2, 2011

coming to an end

Today it is December.  You know, in case you weren't aware of that already.  Us Alpha Co 2D Radio wives are all very excited about it.  It marks another month down.  One month closer to seeing our heroes.  Not only is the year coming to an end, but so is the deployment.  Thank goodness!  I'm pretty sure none of us have actually been given any kind of window yet, but the end gets closer with every day that passes, no matter what the actual date is.  Tomorrow Patrick will have been gone 21 whole weeks.  I say that's long enough, he can come home now.

December also means colder weather.  I think we can say goodbye to the 75 degrees we had over Thanksgiving.  We won't be seeing that again until next Spring.  Sad face.  I tend to shut down when it's cold.  I hate it.  So to cope with the dropping temperatures outside, you can find me here:
See that little space? It's right... about... there ---^ .  That's my spot.  Snuggled in cozy with 3 of my boys.  The fourth will be home soon, and we have to leave his side open for when he does return.  Can't wait.  For now, Little Guns is my personal heater, man that kid is toasty!  Jack and Win do a pretty good job of projecting warmth as well.  All in all we are doing okay.

31 days to go until next month... and next year!  A year where hopefully we will have our "man of the house" around a whole lot more.  Here we go!

PS:  Remember this post when I told you I was done all my Christmas shopping AND wrapping?  Well I finished my Christmas cards last night.  Didn't even make it to the first week of this month. Currently looking for things to keep me occupied.  Unfortunately there's always cleaning to be done.  But that's no fun!  Maybe I'll hire myself out...

No time to wrap presents?  I'm your girl.  Need someone to address your cards?  Look no further!  As long as I can tote my kid along, I am willing and able...

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