Wednesday, November 30, 2011

post thanks

Little Guns is very thankful for everyone that loves him, and this is a shoutout to those who gave him Thanksgiving gear:
Thank you Grandma for the bib!
 Mom (& Dad) got little man this outfit
 ...and bib
 Thank you for this bib, Ms. Eileen!
Just wanted to share some adorable photos of my main man.  Thanks to my sister, Kelly for getting the shots!

As I mentioned somewhere on Facebook, my post Thanksgiving thanks was Gunnar sleeping for over 8 hours straight that night.  Well, I am sorry to say that was not made a habit and last night he was back to his "week 1 antics" of getting up every 2 hours.  Funny joke, kid.  How about we go back to sleeping at night instead of playing?  Thanks.

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