Thursday, November 10, 2011

two months

Ready for some cliches?  Little Guns is already 2 months old, and I can't believe it!  It truly feels like it was just yesterday when I was in the hospital, and my family was saying goodbye to us for the night, and the nurse said "page me if you need anything", and I was alone with this lump of love for the very first time.  Okay, so he's really only 8 weeks old, but that should be 2 months, and the 14th seems so far away.  Crazy right?  How time can work like that... Here it is, the 9th of November, and the 14th of the very same month seems like it will never get here, and yet the 14th from two months back feels like it just happened...

But I digress...

This past month has been a lot of fun.  Mainly because Guns is a lot of fun, but also because we got to have a lot of visitors!  First, our dear friend, Mrs. Karen, stopped by.  And if it wasn't for her, this little man wouldn't be here.  Ladies and gents, it was at her home across the street from my own, where Patrick and I met for the very first time!  It was a privilege to get to introduce Gunnar to her.
We also had family come visit.  My cousins Sue, Chrissy, Anne and Nathan.  Gunnar enjoyed meeting them as well.  He is so good about being passed around from person to person.  He just loves everybody!  We also had lunch with another family friend, Janelle!  He is a busy man I tell ya.  
Another "visitor" of sorts was G.G.  That would stand for "Gunnar's Guy".  His first pet.  What about the dogs you ask?  They aren't pets, they are brothers.  G.G. is a turtle.  Mimi found him in our garage, and we kept him inside for a few days, but as you will see, he is very  tiny and needed more then we could give him.  So he lives at a wild life reserve now.
This month also brought on another road trip... my mom and sister went with us to Pilot Mountain (where the Andy Griffith show was filmed).  It was a very small town, and just about everything happened to be closed (and it was a Monday- who knew?).  Everywhere, that is, except this place:
How perfect is that sign?!

Anyways other things we did this month include but are not limited to:  chewing on our hands all the time, which brings on the 'drool monster'.  And he's 'talking' SO much, it's the most heart warming sound.  Along the same lines, he is always smiling.  I have never seen anything so cute.  It makes the lack of sleep so incredibly worth it.  Even though the sleep thing is getting better!  Also this month we have also spent a lot of time in our Bumbo, and we love it!  I think it's his new favorite place to sit.  He loves being able to sit up and stare at everything.
 Perhaps the biggest news of the month is that we packed up all his newborn clothes.  I am proud to say that he did wear each and every item and least once!  He could still probably still wear some... but only some.  Most he is bursting right out of...
Here are his stats:  Hats and Socks: never really fit in newborn sizes, but we faked it :) currently in 3-6 months.  Shirts/Onesies/Jammies:  definitely comfortably in the 0-3 month/3 month size, depending on the brand.  Pants/Shorts:  3 month fits lengthwise perfectly, but they fall right off his skinny bum!  Sound like anyone you know?  Perhaps a certain long, lean marine captain?  Yeah... it's safe to say he'll take after Dad.  We don't have a well baby appointment for another week so I won't know exactly how long he is, or how much he weighs until then... I have a feeling I will be shocked at the change.

And speaking of change... here he is from these past few weeks...

5 weeks
 6 weeks
(yeah his newborn Halloween onesie is a little short in the arms don't you think?!)
7 weeks
(hello, thigh rolls)
8 weeks
...coming soon!
(he's been a little sleepy today)

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Oh my goodness, Kay, he is so cute!!! He looks so much like the both of you :)