Sunday, November 20, 2011

follow your feet

Today, I am fairly certain, Gunnar discovered he actually has control over those feet that he kicks incessantly.  It started this morning when we had play time on his activity mat.  He usually flails around, but this time he was focused on the giraffe that was hanging by his feet.  And all of a sudden his feet took aim.  When he hit the giraffe and it swung back and forth and he smiled and laughed!  It was so cool to watch him do it over and over that I almost forgot to get the Flip!  I did get video, but I won't post it here in order to spare you my commentary.

Then it happened again tonight in the bathtub.  He usually is kicking and splashing all over the place but this time it was controlled.  His target in the water was the turtle thermometer that was floating by his toes.  He kicked it and it would spin around and he'd do it again and again.  I tried to capture it on film (well my phone camera)...  The poor quality actually proves my point, see his blurry foot?  It was all geared up to kick that poor turtle!

I am so proud of him for his major feat of motor skills, and because this was the first time he didn't cry when I took him out of the water.  Look at my cute little crabbie :)
Love him!

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