Saturday, November 5, 2011

halloween timeline

This Halloween was not only Gunnar's first Halloween, it was his very first holiday!  We kept nice and busy doing Halloweeny type things.  I wanted to be sure we hit all the big traditions...

We started out on Halloween Eve (he's not quite old enough for Mischief Night yet) going to pick out pumpkins with Mimi and Aunt Kim. 
And he got his very first pumpkin!
Then Mom carved it into a puppy...
The morning of Halloween I woke up to this face:
He was very excited at the adventures we had ahead of us.  But we couldn't start the day without a photo shoot...
Our first activity was a hayride to a pumpkin patch!
Bepa came too!  We picked out 2 more perfect pumpkins.  And we had fun with the Halloween decorations there.
Later, back at home, he got dressed in his costume.  Can you guess what he was?  A puppy!  Shocking, I know...
We went trick-or-treating at cousin Peggy's house.  And we got lots of love from cousin Wally (the sweetest New Foundland)!
Back at home with our own doggies (in costume of course) we took some family photos.
We had fun but we missed Dad very much!  Can't wait for next Halloween when Dad will be here and Guns can walk and trick-or-treat for real!

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