Saturday, October 29, 2011

we are the champions

So it would seem that if Patrick ever wants his favorite teams to win the world championship, all he has to do is deploy.  When he was in Iraq in 2009, the Steelers won the Super Bowl.  You might remember it from this.  And now the Cardinals have gone against the odds and won probably one of the best World Series in recent history.

Gunnar and I cheered them on the whole way...
 He sported his various St. Louis outfits throughout the post season...
(thanks Auntie Mer!)

 And when all was said and done, he crashed, ha!
Congrats to St. Louis on a job very well done.  Wish we could have been out there for it, but we are looking forward to taking baby man to visit the arch, Busch stadium, and perhaps the Budweiser brewery very soon!  Oh yeah, and Uncle Larry too :)

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