Friday, October 7, 2011

three weeks

My Gunny boy is now three whole weeks old!  Okay so I should have posted this yesterday, but the serious lack of sleep is starting to get to me...  We had a very busy week.

This week we ushered in October, and fall weather.  And we had the appropriate outfit, thanks to Aunt Kelly!
Some of our cousins came to visit!  Pat's sister and her family stopped by to meet Gunnar and introduce him to their Mackenzie and David (who is just about a month older then Guns)!
We also spent this week cheering on Dad's favorite baseball team - the Cardinals!  They are playing in the NLDS, and as of last night the series is tied up and we are going to game 5!
Big news is that his belly button arrived (sounds so much better then "his umbilical cord fell off"), so he got his first bath!  He loves the warm water, and doesn't fuss at all until he has to get out.  A waterpolo star in the making, just like Dad.
My favorite part about this week is the he is smiling SO much!  I can't get over it!  It's hard to catch on film mostly because I don't want to stop watching him to get the camera... but I did manage to get this one:
He also took a nap in his own crib, instead of the pack 'n play (or my bed).  The nap may or may not have lasted only about 10 minutes because he may or may not have peed all over himself (and the sheets).
 So a quick wardrobe/linen change, but he was wide awake, and wouldn't stop staring at his Daddy doll!
We also made our first outings.  He came with me to run errands, which of course included picking up some new things for him.  I mean honestly, how can I resist that face?!  And the big trip was all the way up to DC for Auntie Carly's bachelorette party!  Way to go Guns for holding it down in a group of 20 crazy, dance partying women.  I thought that was the appropriate first social outing for a newborn, don't you agree?

Oh, and we started tummy time!  Just for a few minutes at a time, he seems to really love it.  Too bad I can't put him to sleep on his stomach, I think he would prefer it that way!  Then at least I could get some shut eye.  Oh well...  People do survive the sleepless nights, right?!

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