Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my best friend's wedding

One of my very best friends got married last weekend, and I must say... she was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.  Myself included!  Carly and I played hockey together at Mary Wash, and lived together for 3 years there.  She married Justin, also a Mary Wash alum, but who we have grown closer to because he is also a Marine, went through TBS with Patrick, and then they were both stationed at Camp Lejeune.  These two are very near and dear to our hearts and we really could not be happier for them.

Now, I'm sure she had some stresses on her big day (because don't we all) but from an outsider's view, it seemed that everything about her day was perfect!  It was the most gorgeous fall day, in the cutest little town.  Us girls had a funfilled morning and afternoon of mimosas, baby talk, the most wonderful pumpkin cookies, and feeling like models.  Guns came along for the ride, and he was a trooper!  Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:
Patrick was there all day too!
getting ready... isn't that dress stunning?!
 loving her finger waves
 champagne in the church pre-ceremony
 baby love (10 seconds before walking down the aisle)
 "my mom's going to kill me for wearing a denim jacket"
"but you're really pulling it off"
walking to the reception
 all of the girls
 checking out the groom's new accessory
 I love how happy he looks looking down at his ring
 bride about to be serenaded by the groom
 groom getting ready to entertain us with some Lynard Skynard
the bride and groom headed back to the b&b after a fabulous celebration

Congratulations Carly and Justin!  We are so excited for you and can't wait for the many years of double dates ahead of us!  Enjoy Belize!  XOXO

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