Friday, October 14, 2011

four weeks

My little Gunnar boy is one whole month old!  Well, he was 4 weeks yesterday (since he was born on a Wednesday), and one month tomorrow (the 14th) so I split the difference and I'm posting today.  We had yet another fun filled and exciting week!

He took his first walk in the stroller, and LOVED it!  It is well worth the money Dad!

We also went to South Carolina to visit my sister Kelly (who obviously already knows him) and her 7 kids (who hadn't met him yet).  It was so fun, the kids all got to hold him and love on him, and he loved on them back.

We practiced more, and fell completely in love with tummy time.  He's already scooting himself forward!  He just has to get his head and arms to cooperate...

We also stopped by the hospital to get weighed today, and can you guess how much he tipped the scale at?  Nine lbs, ten oz!  My growing boy!  That's 1 pound in 2 weeks!  His newborn onesies are starting to get a little snug, and I think we may have to move on from the newborn diapers.

We have an even bigger weekend ahead of us... another road trip up north for Auntie Carly's wedding!  Check back for more on that next week!

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