Thursday, September 29, 2011

two weeks

The Gun Show is officially 2 weeks old today.  Hooray for keeping him alive this long!  This week we have ventured into the nursery to get him used to spending time in there.  
He loves his big rocking chair...
 He especially likes looking at the print
 He isn't too sure about the play mat... his favorite parts are the singing giraffe and the mirror
Also this week we discovered that...
 he only likes to sleep on my chest
he now only likes to be swaddled on the bottom half 
(so he can flail his crazy long arms) 
he can escape from his pajamas
he loves watching the fish tank
and is apparently a Michael Jackson dancing prodigy... 
Thriller anyone? 
Maybe a little Crouching Tiger?  Martial arts expert perhaps?

ps:  He loves his American flag blanket made by Aunt Karrie & Uncle Rob (seriously, so cute)!  He just doesn't like for me to put him down and not lay next to him

 That's now two weeks down for little Guns, and just shy of 12 weeks down on deployment!  That's a whole trimester in pregnancy!  I will say this 12 weeks went faster than those did... thank goodness!  Miss you every day, Dad!

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