Sunday, September 4, 2011

oh september

Well I can finally say I am due this month!  Hooray!  Another finally is that Patrick has officially been promoted to Captain!  It has only been a year and a half of waiting after he was selected.  And I did have to miss it again (the last time he was promoted was back in 2009 - his year in Iraq) but he promised that there are pictures.  And today marks 10 days before I can officially be mad at this kid for not being here yet.  This week also capped a full 8 weeks of kicking this deployment's butt.

I apologize for the lack of energy put into this post, but it seriously took all I had to even form sentences for you to read.  I just don't feel like trying to be cute, or witty, or anything other then blunt.  Basically just trying to get the latest news out there, keep you updated.  And, so you don't think my absence is because of something fantastic like being in the hospital or anything.  Oh no, that would be just TOO lucky.  If you're curious about how things are going... I won't go into details but let's just say that most women are already in the hospital and getting epidurals when they are at the point where I am now (if not earlier).  

In the meantime, look at how cute my dogs are:

They just love laying in the nursery.  I know they can't possibly know what's coming to fill this room, and I hope they aren't too devastated by having to share my attention.  I just love them so much!  While I am excited and ready to meet this little one, I am kind of sad that our little world is coming to an end.  The world where it was just Patrick, me and the pups.  A lot of the time it was just me and the boys.  There was Patrick's first deployment (10 months) and every day he was hard at work on base and I had no one but the boys to talk to.  They have been with me through a lot.  They really are my first babies, and we will continue to share moments in the years to come.

Hopefully they will learn to love little man as much as they love us, and vice versa.  I do know one thing... they certainly won't be losing their spots next to me in bed!  They are the best snugglers, and right now they are calling my name to do just that.

Again, my apologies again for the boring blah post.  I don't even know if any of it makes sense.  I feel like I've got a stream of consciousness type of thing going on here...

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