Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hello due date

The day has finally come.  And I knew I should have gone with my instincts and kept telling myself the due date of the 17th (like I had been told after the first ultrasound).  But those darn doctors and check ups got my hopes up and I caved.  I decided to listen to them, and I mentally changed the date to the one they were telling me.  Today.  Now here I am, just waiting, waiting, waiting... For any sign that labor is near.  And let me tell you:  it does not look good for me.

I was actually hopeful that things would get moving last night, with the full moon and all.  So I did all of my last minute errands just in case.  And hey, did you know that having a baby is like having the plague?  Every place I went, someone asked when I was due, and when I responded with "tomorrow" they were incredibly quick to get me moving along and out of where they might be responsible for a laboring woman.  The guy at CVS even said "you need to get out of here" and turned me in the direction of the door!  Pretty funny...

As for today, I started off the day with a brisk mile walk with each of the dogs.  That's two miles, count 'em.  I am so paying for it now in the form of lower back pain.  But still no contractions!  Lucky me, right?  Wrong!   For the rest of the day I will be drinking pineapple juice and red raspberry tea.  No spicy food for me though, OW!  I get heartburn just thinking about it (seriously, I just did).

But, I have decided that even if little man decides not to come today, I will survive.  Simply because of the fact that I have the greatest husband in the world.  Please just take a look at what arrived for me today:
No, not the dog, or the books.  The beautiful flowers in the adorable basket!  Complete with a wonderful card that made me sob.  So, you see why if nothing happens on the baby front today, my day is complete because of this oh so very kind gesture.  I love you husband!

We'll see what the rest of the day holds...!

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The Barrick Times said...

Hang in there girl! I was 2 weeks late and got the same comments from strangers. It will all be so worth it when he does decide to arrive! Do some stretching to make your back pain go away... it also helps in labor, too! Good luck! I've been thinking about you daily!