Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So today I finished wrapping my Christmas presents.  With the exception of a few things left to buy, I am all done.  It's 33 days before Christmas.  I am wishing the days away so fast (until Patrick is home)... at some point I won't be able to anymore.  And then what?

What am I going to do in December?  If I have no shopping left to do, and no wrapping left to do, what else is there?  Christmas cards perhaps?  No, no.  I plan on ordering those by the end of the week, so that will only keep me busy through the first week, tops.  Especially since I have such a good helper!  My little Guns was exhausted from helping me wrap presents today.  Don't worry I supervised his use of the scissors.
 Speaking of the baby man, I have a feeling he will find something to keep me busy with.  Like, say, teething?
He has gone from playfully chewing on one hand to viciously trying to shove both in his mouth at the same time.  And holy cow, someone turned up the drool dial on this one.  Poor little guy, he has random outbursts of screaming (that last all of about 5 seconds).  It's torture to me, but still kinda cute (is that wrong?).  Hoping I'm wrong about the pre-teeth thing...

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