Saturday, November 17, 2012

blow me one last kiss

I haven't really worked with Gunnar on blowing kisses just yet.  We've spent a lot of time on waving, which he has just picked up on very enthusiastically.  Yay!  When he would do what we called "blowing a kiss" he was really just smacking his lips together.  But last night, we were on FaceTime with some family in Florida, and the kid proved he's a prodigy. 

My cousin Tina got on the camera and started blowing him kisses.  I said "blow Tina a kiss!" and started smacking my lips so he would imitate.  To my surprise, he gently put his palm to his mouth over and over and over again.  What?!  He was totally doing it the right way, without any prompting from me at all!  What a stud.

Thanks for teaching him that Tina.  I suspect he's got a new girlfriend now.

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