Friday, January 18, 2013

sweet 16

So I know I said I was going to post about Gunnar quarterly, but this month he just picked up on SO many new things.  He has learned how to say "more" and "milk" in sign language.  He waves totally on command, without anyone showing him how.  He has started calling Patrick "Dadoo".  He is honing his climbing skills by scaling the baby gate on a daily basis, and now his high chair as well.

He gives "love" and kisses.  When you ask for love he leans in so you can kiss his forehead.  When you ask for a kiss he comes at you with his slobbery mouth wide open and plants a big one on your lips.  Ah-dorable.  He knows how to talk on the phone (well he knows that a phone goes up to your ear), and he knows that a remote works the TV and he thinks its hysterical to change the channel/volume/power.  He learned to sit a big boy table with big boy chairs.

He loves puzzles, and actually understands the concept.  He has a new found fascination with helicopters.  He colors for real now (instead of stabbing the paper with the crayon he will scribble), and loves it.  He got his first pair of cowboy boots, and loves them.  When he isn't wearing them he carries them around.

And he still isn't sure of the beach... which is where we headed to get some pictures of him.  Funny story, I was so worried about having an appropriate bag to carry the camera to the beach in to keep it sand free, and I totally forgot my memory card.  I started snapping GREAT photos and I went to look back at them and sadly discovered they hadn't been saved.  We trekked home to get the card and made our way back so I could get good beach photos, but by then Gunnar was in a bad mood so he's fussy in most of them, and the lighting is all off, but oh well!

chasing a bird...
and the waves got too close.

tasting a sand dollar...
muscles anyone?

Happy 16 months my little boy.  Now please stop growing.  I dread the next "16" we will celebrate... driver's license, eek!  I'm sure it will be here before I know it.

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