Friday, January 11, 2013

sc christmas

We spent Christmas in SC with Patrick's family.  It was the first one I ever spent NOT with my family, which was hard for me to get over.  But we had a very nice visit with the in-laws!  It was fun to see Gunnar and his 1-month-older cousin, David, together.  David has a big sister, Mackenzie, so he is used to sharing.  But Gunnar, being the only child that he is, has no grasp on the concept.  He was frequently caught stealing things (sippy cups, food, toys) from David and just walking away.  Poor David!  Once David stood up for himself, and took his cup back from Gunnar.  Gunnar's reaction was to bop him on the head.  Oh my, we have work to do with our bully!

Here are some photos from our Christmas morning:

By the way, that scooter bike Gunnar is enjoying so much is David's.

We had a great time over both of our Christmases and can't wait to see everyone again!

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