Tuesday, September 17, 2013

guns turns 2

Our little booger has gone from a sweet, tiny baby...
to a giant, crazy monster toddler...

We celebrated his birthday in a low-key kind of way... I took him on a brekkie date to a cafe just up the road.  We got to Facetime with family back home.  Then, Gunnar's favorite part, we opened some presents.  He got a pirate ship pool, which he spent the afternoon playing in, naked.  When we finally got him dried off enough to dress him, we took him to the park, and tested out his (Dad's) new remote control air craft carrier.  Then we treated him to a slurpee, went home and watched his new Octonauts DVD.  It was a great, and relaxing day.  

We do plan on throwing him a party, we are just waiting on our shipment of household goods to arrive.  Yes, STILL!  It's been held up in customs since August 25.  We are very much looking forward to good news that it will be on it's way soon.  

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