Friday, November 1, 2013

terrible twos

So I joked that Gunnar hit the terrible twos the day after he turned one.  That joke came back to bite me in the butt, because I was wrong.  Way wrong.  We are experiencing toddler temper tantrums on a daily basis, like it's no body's business.  If it was Gunnar's job to throw a tantrum, his college would be paid in full by now.  Probably even grad school too.

As 'terrible' as he might be at certain times every day, he has the sweetest moments that totally make up for it.  Like when he runs up to me and hugs me for no reason saying "love you mommy".  And when he decides that to stop kissing me would be the worst thing in the world.  And when I make him lunch and sit it at his little table, he grabs my hand and pulls me back to it, pats the seat next to him and says "sit here".  I love that little goober.

He did take a break from terrorizing the local village long enough for us to throw him a little party (finally).  It was very last minute (I had a total of about 45 hours to plan), so I did the best I could making all the ideas in my head turn into reality.  It was great, every one had fun I think, and Guns made a new friend... his age AND size (something hard to come by for such a giant).

In case you can't tell in the following photos, it was a Despicable Me themed party.  If you haven't seen the movie, you won't get any of my little jokes.  But if you have seen it, enjoy.

 He was so excited to see his homemade 'guys' banner when he woke up from his nap

 shrunken moon cake pops
 my first attempt at a layered cake... not too bad if I do say so myself.
 cookie robots!

 chasing me down yelling "cake! cake!"
 he got shy and hid his eyes when everyone started singing

 "he punched my shark!" piñata
 "pipe down fish!"
 Guns and his new friend peeking out the window
 probably thinking "I got to hit this thing and now candy is pouring out of it? best day ever!"

We had lots of presents left for Gunnar to open the next day, and he thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them...

remote control Chevy Silverado, complete with trailer and (also remote control) dune buggy
who do you think picked that one out?

 5-in-1 easel!

 a new Octonauts DVD!

 a blanket from Mimi, hand made with love
 I think he likes it
 sharing the softness

 his very own Gup-A!

 last but not least - his first bike!

And so ends the birthday that lasted a whole month.  We love you little man, happy second year.  Now, let's move on from the terrible twos as quick as we can, ok?!

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