Friday, November 1, 2013

trick or treat

Since the Aussies don't share quite the same enthusiasm for Halloween as we do in America, we weren't really planning on trick or treating with Guns.  I didn't even plan a costume.  But in quick preparations for his party, we did run across some at a craft store, so we bought one on a whim.  Captain America, what else?  Turns out Gunnar was terrified of it, we couldn't even get it near him without him screaming.  No big deal, since I didn't think he'd be in need of it anyways.

But it turned out that Patrick was in Brisbane for work the week before Halloween, and the koala sanctuary there (for which we have a year long membership) was having a Halloween event for kids.  Perfection!  Pat went and did his work thing, and I drove down with Gunnar on Friday and met him there.  We spent Saturday with the animals, on a trick or treat treasure hunt.  Gunnar did not wear the Captain America costume (surprise surprise).  It was too hot anyways (we're on the verge of summer over here), so we went with a soccer player.  He has an official Liverpool uniform that Mimi brought back from her trip to London last year.  He wears it at home, so it was easy to get him into it.  And really, as soon as we mentioned the word "candy" he didn't really care, he just wanted to get there and get some.

We opted to do the touristy thing and take a cruise down the river to the sanctuary from the city.  It was informative, relaxing, and fun.  All in all it was a good day.  I mean, how can it be a bad day when you get to pet a kangaroo?

Guns loves boats

 The Bush Thick-Knee... Gunnar's new favorite bird.  They chased each other back and forth along the cage for a while, giggling away.

 trick or treating at the platypus exhibit

 loving on some kangaroos

 we even got to love on a dingo!

 back on the boat enjoying his 'canny'

 napping on a catamaran cruise... tough life.

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