Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 months and counting!

As per a request from Ms. Emily, I am posting an update! As of now most of the save the dates are addressed and should be in the mail today or tomorrow! HOORAY! Now that we're at the 6 month mark, we are kinda behind schedule, but oh well... We officially have a photographer now that we've gotten a deposit to Melissa, she's all ours July 31! Florist is next on the list...

Here in New Bern, I have gotten a job! I'm working at a gym right down the street from us. It's called Sound Fitness & Golf. It's a really nice little gym, and they've given Patrick and I free memberships! We started going this week and hope to make it a regular date-night thing :)

Oh, and my mom is thinking about heading down here today, hopefully the weather holds out so she can! There's a bridal expo here that Pat and I (and mom if she's here) are going to go to on Saturday. I'm very excited. I'm even more excited that it was Pat's idea!

Last weekend we also had all 8 of my former roommates (and their significant others) down for a little housewarming party. We did our Secret Santa gift exchange, and got to take in the wonderful sites of downtown New Bern. Some of our friends and neighbors from NC came too. All in all we had 15 people sleeping in our house! And that was on top of the chinchilla we were babysitting for our neighbors! It was very fun and exciting weekend.
here are all the girls after secret santa

and here's daisy!

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