Saturday, January 30, 2010

dogs are miracles with paws

Last week was a rough week for the Perkins family. We lost one of our beloved pets. Sherlock, our sheltie corgi mix, came to us 7 years ago via Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue. It was estimated that he was about 6 years old due to the plaque they found on what little teeth he had left.

You see, Sherlock (our Sherbie) was beyond terrified of thunderstorms. He had previously jumped through glass windows, and at our house he chewed through steel-plated doors (ergo missing teeth) and jumped 5 ft fences just to try and escape the noise that the thunderstorms brought. It was really amazing, he could hear them when they were miles away. He got this look on his face and we knew it would be raining in just a few hours. He was always right. We had to give him "doggie valium" whenever he started to get antsy and we knew storms were in the forecast. We never left the house when we knew there was one coming, and we always went home when one popped up out of no where. It was a big change in our lives to accommodate Sherbie's needs, but it was something we wouldn't have ever given up the chance to do.

Aside from his terrible fear, he was the most loving dog you would ever meet. He loved my mom more then anyone, and when she wasn't home he would lay by the door and await her return. He wouldn't go outside without her, he slept next to her every night. Not only did he have love for us, but he adored all the other dogs in a way that no other animal did. The dogs and puppies were constantly lined up waiting for a "bath" from "momma Sherb". He was always licking, cleaning, their ears and eyes and bellies. Bear was his biggest fan. Sherlock could be asleep and Bear could just lay next to him (usually he'd wiggle his way under Sherb's chin) and Sherlock would clean away.

Even if you never met Sherlock you knew he was a lover, the heart-shaped face and big round eyes told you that. And his fur, it was so soft. And he loved to be brushed, probably more then he loved belly rubs. Better yet, brush his belly, he'd be your best friend forever.

He had a lot of best friends, and big fans, those of which stretch even to the west coast. He will truly be missed. Our family has found comfort in the fact that he is with our Nanny and Pop right now, and we know Pop is sneaking him scraps under the table, just like he always did. We will always love you Sherb, and we will always miss you sweet boy.

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